Star Trek has come in various versions, but the one that receives high praise from a even more passionate than usual group is Deep Space Nine. It’s relatively smaller fan base has led to it missing out on the remastered blu-ray treatment that the original series, and The Next Generation have enjoyed. This has not […]

Fusion Diet

The mix of cultures can often produce interesting results and restaurant chain Pappa Rich has got a tasty result. Called the Nasi Lemak burger, it’s a mix of the Malaysian national dish favourite along with the western food icon. Get it at your nearest Pappa Rich.

Shedding Light On Aperture

The Aperture Australia Conference is on once again this year. Hosted by veteran journalist Ray Martin, it features a line up of speakers in many broad areas of photography. It also features the latest and greatest in the form of camera equipment and accessories. It’s sure to leave your purse and wallet a little lighter.

Sweet On Uniques

Madame Frou Frou is a small cafe that has a few unique characteristics. View this post on Instagram #glebe #glebecafe #breakfast #weekend #sydneycafe #sydney #australia #madamefroufroucafe A post shared by colahehehaha (@colahehehaha) on Feb 1, 2019 at 5:29pm PST The first one you notice are the seats: Repurposed cinema seats taken from a local favourite […]

Praise On Yourself

Singer/songwriter Alex Lahey seems to have mastered the art of the simple straight ahead rock song. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself is a good example of what you’re likely to hear from her album The Best Of Luck Club that was released earlier this year. Currently touring, catch Lahey when she hits your town.

Showing A Little Sash

Culture based restaurants do not need to look like they’ve been serving the same exact menu for the past couple of centuries. A modern sensibility can be added to the ingredients to give a new flavour. Sash Restaurant is a good example of this with its Japanese based offering with some sides ideas coming via […]

Write On Time

Hodinkee is a blog that is devoted to mechanical watches that launched in 2008. In 2017 it launched a hard copy magazine to complement the website. Befitting the quality of their subject matter, the publication is a high quality magazine that goes well beyond the basic needs of a magazine for those that appreciate the […]