Take Me Back Home

It’s been known for a while that AirBnB leads to higher rental and property prices for long term residents. So how has the pandemic effected all this? It’s not been great for the suppliers of AirBnB with demand way down as people travel less. This is isn’t all bad as the previously mentioned rental and […]

City Farmer

While travelling to your local supermarket is becoming a little risky another option may be urban farms. Apart from the food itself, they provide a sense of community and achievement as you watch your favourite veggies grow. Places like Camperdown Commons have education events and workshops so you can stay on top of all the […]

Reused Breathing

One of the many negatives about the current pandemic is that recycling culture has gone out the window. One of the many items that are now being used once and thrown away are the surgical masks that many are wearing. Can anything be done about that? Yes. It’s a UV mask that includes a passive […]

Believe This Hype

Public Enemy can usually be relied upon for greatness. And they’ve delivered again at the BET Awards with this great rendition of their classic, Fight The Power, while teaming up with some friends. With some updated lyrics, this band is as vital as ever.

Dracula’s Chair

For those that want to up their Zoom game, how about a chair inspired by Dracula’s collar? The chair is inspired by the collar of Bela Lugosi’s portrayal of the famous vampire. If nothing else it should ensure that other people will be mesmerised by your presence.