Scared Printless

The reports of further print publication closures is another sad moment in the world of print media. This comes on top of Bauer Media doing the same thing. The C19 virus was too big a problem to survive. There’s a commitment to maintain the level of reporting online, but it’s hard to see how that […]

In If You Can

With restaurants reopening, the cities we live in are heating up the ovens and tossing the salads. Some will forego the opportunity to reopen as the patronage restrictions means that a venue may not be profitable. The restrictions may harm the atmosphere of a venue somewhat although some are showing novel solutions the sparse population. […]

Do Something

There are various people and organisations giving advice on how to work from home. Firstly there needs to be an acknowledgement to those who can’t work from home and continuing to going to work. They deserve praise and thanks. For those than can work from home there is a bewildering amount of advice. Some of […]

Lav Love

This bureau goes in the music prediction circuit with Lav. Wavy is showing a lot of promise and with memorable videos like this one, we’re sure to see much more of this artist in the near future. Get in before everyone else does.

Captured Life

The World Press Photos awards were announced last month revealing extraordinary moments captured in a frozen image. The images here are the award winners from AFP. This bureau is once again amazed by the photographers and the brave work that they do in achieving one simple goal: To tell the truth.

Oh Duvet Didn’t

The big challenge of bed cleaning is putting the duvet cover back on. Sure, climbing inside the duvet cover and scaring your friends by being a duvet ghost is fun once or twice, but after that the process becomes somewhat of a chore. Getting between the sheets of this issue is The Koa Team with […]

A Galaxy Far Car Away

Drive-in cinemas are a thing of the distant past of roller skating waitresses and burgers with shakes. They hey day of the 1950s drive-in never withstood the march of cinematic technology and modern economics. Only a few remain today, but now they seem like a great idea. As government restrictions are slowly relaxed, the drive-in […]