Bug Park

A holiday weekend is a time to take stock, have a look around, and appreciate what’s around us. Getting a little closer nature can also mean some of the local wildlife taking a visit too, but that just means another photo opportunity.

Save The Internet

Facebook is now facing a bewildering level of accusations up to and including privacy breaches and even interfering with the democratic process. It’s more important than ever that we keep an careful eye on social media and other major technology companies. Doing just that is The Verge’s Casey Newton with his regular report, The Interface. […]

Off The Beaten Virtual Track

The Savoy Ballroom, known as, The Track, to the regulars, was a ballroom famed for creating many a swing dance including the spectacular Lindy Hop. Sadly, the ballroom was demolished in 1958 as so modern dancers can no longer strut their stuff on the famed dance floor. Jazz Mad London are set to give us […]

Cats In The Cover

The album cover is an integral part of the music listening experience. Even though it is relegated to just an image on a music player, it still tells you much of the intent of the performer and the style of the music. So that intent and style can change somewhat if you take the people […]

Why Fry?

We have so much wifi around us that some may raise a concern that it might not actually be good for our health. In a nice case of confirming a bias, it can be happily reported that is not what we should be worrying about. Writing for Education Next, Professor Emeritus of Bioengineering at the […]

Podcast of Thrones

We all know what fantasy saga tv series is back for it’s finale, but there’s quite a lot of threads to tie up before the series comes to a close. With a complex web of plots to deal with it might be wise to have some advice on all the goings on just beneath the […]

Windsor Not Required

The casualisation of the workplace is a welcome development. The effect of clothing formality, instead of a sharp professional look, was instead a reluctant and resentful workforce wearing what they did not want. With the increased freedom to choose, workers are then confronted with the decision of what to wear. Japanese trading house company, Itochu […]