Hear That Sound Again

Great to hear that ABC TV’s The Sound is coming back for a second season. The highlight of the live music series is the performance of artists in unusual surroundings – unusually empty as compared to how they look when the artists usually perform. While this bureau had a preference for the similar, but younger […]

Eeyo Eeyo Gogoro

This bureau is a fan of ebikes and with the various forms of shut down going on, they are increasingly becoming popular for commuters who want to avoid a crowd and plus they give the fitness crowd something to do. Hoping to service this audience is the Eeyo 1 from Gogoro. With its sleek and […]

Fly The Look

Airlines have been taking various steps to raise some desperately needed revenue. The latest is clothing. The line is produced in collaboration with designer Martin Grant and they will have you looking ready for take off. They do look good and they would want to: t-shirts start at $150 and go up from there for […]

Joyful Max

News reports have arrived saying that bureau favourite Anya Taylor Joy will be the star of a Mad Max prequel featuring Furiosa. Charlie Theron’s turn of the character in Fury Road was a landmark performance. It’s a pity that Theron is not reprising the role at least in the near term. Yet, Taylor Joy lives […]

Charitable Furniture

Furniture giant Ikea has taken the welcome step of launching a recycling system. Send in the old furniture and Ikea will look into what can be re-sold or recycled. Donors will be given vouchers up to 50% of the original value depending on the condition of the piece. So if you could not chair less […]