Arts Luck

The Taiwanese government set up a lottery for an arts voucher to give the sector a boost. The arts is one of the hardest sectors effected by the pandemic. Little ideas like this are just what the doctor ordered in these pressing times.

Finish It All

That celebrated coda of a meal – the dessert – is as much celebrated as the main meal, if not more so. It’s also just as subject to trends and fads as is the main meal which can be quite the challenge to keep up with. But why decide? Why not have it all, dessert-speaking? […]

Popped Up Books

With New Zealand forcing themselves back in lockdown, New Zealanders will be back to less social activities for the next few days (weeks?). For the well read, that means more reading and Wellington Library has opened up their pop up library that will be perfect for this. The initiative was originally to build resilience against […]

On The Monét

Apple Music says Victoria Monét is about to step in the spotlight. Who can disagree? Monét had previously released a series of EPs, but it’s her Psych meets disco debut album that is now turning heads and ears. Not only a singer, she’s also a in demand writer and producer for acts like Nas and […]

Whale of a Time

Jasmine Carey’s photo captures a whale with its calf at their most relaxed and personal. Carey’s photo won the Hamdan International Photography award for her efforts. With all that’s going on in the world, it’s nice to see something as majestic and heartwarming as this.