What Not To Read

Usually this bureau likes to recommend things to read. This time there’s going to be a recommendation of what not to read. Misinformation about the coronavirus is spreading faster than the virus itself. And example of this was a tweet from Eric Feigl-Ding on how contagious the virus was. His tweet went viral and spread […]

Phoned In

Capturing the cultural zeitgeist of our times, rock group, Dream Nails have indeed nailed it. They’ve produced a song call Text Me Back. That already sounds enough like a song of the times, but they’ve taken things to whole other level with their music video for the track. Designed to be watched on that ubiquitous […]

Smooth And In The Pocket

Getting those smooth action shots requires a gimbal. This used to require heavy equipment like the steadicam used in the Rocky movies. Now the same thing can be used with a device that can fit in your pocket. Small and light, this device can be taken anywhere where there is action going on. See more […]

The Past’s Future Is Bright

Dr Jean Saidman thought that the sun was good for you. All that vitamin D! So he thought he’d design a building to best capture the sun. A chair in the sun, perhaps? Well that sounds a little too simple, Dr Saidman had a more ambitious idea: A rotating solarium. This elaborate design looks a […]

Tempting Politics

Former Daily Show host, now film director, Jon Stewart has a new film out called Irresistible. Starring Stewart’s former Daily Show colleague Steve Carell and Rose Byrne the film is a political comedy set to be released later this year. Political comedy is right in Stewart’s wheelhouse so hopefully this will do better than the […]

Price Wars

With the holidays period over and shoppers tend to the wounds on their credit cards, we can spare a thought to the retail assistants who were in the trenches during the shopping attack. This high pressure period leads to stressed and angry shoppers with the retail assostants bearing the brunt of the abuse. So it’s […]

Good News Travelling Fast

Al Jazeera notes that China is being more transparent about the spread of the coronavirus coming out of the the city Wuhan. While there is much that the Chinese government could improve on, this ever so slight move to openess is welcome. It will slow down the spread of the virus and enable the return […]