Fashionable Impermanence

Tattooing is so ubiquitous that for the next generation, not getting a tattoo will be an act of rebellion. Whether tattooing goes out of style remains to be seen, but the style of tattoo one may get is definitely subject to trend and popularity already. Which leaves the wearer at risk of looking out of […]

Breaking Badder

Breaking Bad’s encore performance with the El Camino movie gives us an insight into what happens next to the long suffering Jesse. The film is a very focused on Jesse’s character which is something that the character thoroughly deserves. It also feels very much like fan servicing. The characters that turn up, the structure of […]

Sail to the City

A introductory ferry service between Glebe and the Sydney CBD looks set to begin with on demand transport provider, Tranzer, all set to weigh anchor. With research data showing there’s demand, and the local member encouraging everyone to get on board with the idea, the service is hoped to be a success. This service will […]

Jack to That

Burger joint Jacks has reopened as Jacks East with its new location in Rose Bay. When Jacks first opened in 2015 in Newtown there was a huge response when someone said the magic words: Shake Shack. Word spread like the wildest of fires and patrons arriving at the venue soon saw hour long queues. The […]

Shady Maps

While your typical aborists will find this professionally useful, the rest of us will firmly file this under the fascinating time waster. It’s the New York City Street Tree Map. As it says on the label, it’s a map of every tree in New York City. Featuring nearly 700,000 trees, the map has been used […]

Musical Travellers

Hollow Coves are a Gold Coast duo specialising in a folk tinged indie sound not totally unlike Bon Iver crossed with The Triffids. Their debut album is coming out on October 18 and ahead of that, they released the music video of their track, Anew. With the new album imminent they are touring Europe, the […]

The Grand Design

Film maker Wes Anderson rightly has the reputation for intricately designed movies. The colours, symmetry and sets all come together to give a distinctive visual look. One of Anderson’s key collaborators is Annie Atkins – a graphic designer in charge of all the things made of paper in Anderson’s films. As any Anderson fan would […]