Another King Returns

The Game of Thrones coat tails riding continues with another series hoping to follow up on the success of the fantasy series. Next in line is The Letter for the King from Netflix and it comes with Lord of the Rings alum and motion capture master Andy Serkis. It promises a many thousands years struggle, […]

No Love

Ireland has a reputation of being very company friendly with its generous taxation policies, but it’s a bit more hands on when it comes to people’s personal data. The Irish Data Protection Commission didn’t like what it saw with Facebook’s dating app proposal and as a consequence postponed it’s launch. This bureau can’t help but […]

Where Are We Going?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released a report on where Australians traveled in 2019. Travel is up 2.2%, but departures are increasing at a decreasing rate having shown over 5% growth in the preceeding two years. With COVID-19 virus still in the forefront of people’s minds, it will be difficult to maintaing these growth […]

Broken Eggs In The One Basket

The COVID-19 virus has revealed that there are a very large number of eggs in the one Chinese basket. While welcoming its increased presence on the world stage it has shown the world’s weaknesses in how to deal with a large scale disruptive event. A number of sporting events were cancelled and there didn’t seem […]

San Cisco State Their Case

Last Decemeber Western Australian band, San Cisco released the excellent, Skin. They now follow this up with Reasons. It’s interesting to see the transformation of this band. They were a fresh faced smiling band full of pop hits. The pop hits are still there, but the faces now look a little more world weary. Not […]

Stylishly Served

Are deco architecture is usually associated with grand skyscrapers, theatres and ballrooms. Not all have to be so glamourous though with the humble pub also a feature of the movement. Photographer Geoffrey Goddard has complied some of the finest examples of art deco pubs in a book. The look of these pubs are as fine […]