Welcome Drama

Apple TV+ hasn’t quite had a breakthrough hit although Dickinson was a bureau favourite. Hoping to improve that track record is the new series, Tehran. Some of actors should look familiar to viewers. This series provides a good opportunity to see what life’s like for Iranians as well as provide a rollicking good espionage drama.

The Future In The City

The pandemic has led to a flee of varying degrees from CBDs as people lockdown from the virus. Even with cities that have been lightly effected or are on their way back from the worst, the CBDs are still showing a decrease in people in office buildings and on footpaths. If this trend lasts what […]

High Flying Drinks

Qantas is offering for sale its catering carts from its recently retired 747 fleet. The pleasant bonus is that the drink carts actually do come with drinks. With the airline in a spot of bother at the moment, they are looking to get inventive about how they can actually raise some revenue. They’re also looking […]

Horror Diet of Resistance

There have been various ways to cope with the pandemic. How about watching horror movies? A study has suggested that horror movie fans are more resilient to the pandemic. I guess the more horrific images you bombard yourself with the more desensitised you will become and then you won’t be so bothered when there’s a […]