Another Great Alexander

Brisbane-born Kita Alexander is a singer songwriter who knows her way around a pop tune. She’s just released a new track called Between You and I. After a couple of hits in the past few years, this radio-ready, steady streamer is set to be just as much of a success if not more.

Name That Library

A lot of buildings that make an impact often acquire a name. A new library in Darling Square might be getting the same treatment. Designed by Japanese Architects Kengo Kuma & Associates, the building has attracted such monikers as the nest, a steamer basket or even a Tazzie Devil. Time will tell which one sticks, […]

Keep Them Plumbing For More

Keeping those more private parts of your body clean and hygienic can be sometimes a tad awkward and not a problem that’s easily flushed away. A flowing solution to this is a bidet, but they can be expensive and some bathrooms may not have the space. There’s also the blocking issue when you’re somewhere other […]

Focus On India

India is regarded as the best country for the fullest travel experience – both the good and not so good experiences that one can have while traveling as a tourist. A photographer who has captured this range of experiences is photographer Scott Schuman with his new book: The Sartorialist: India. Available in October, it is […]

Eye On Your Pod

Spotify has been hosting podcasts for a number of years and has now announced a suite of reports for podcast producers. This may raise some concerns with privacy advocates, but it does addess a gap in knowledge that podcasters have compared to websites and apps. Some Podcasters make up this gap with listener surveys which […]

On Tap There Is Truth

Wine has left the cork behind while still maintaining the use of a bottle – the occasional cask notwithstanding. However, another trend is challenging the bottle. The tap. Wine on tap. There’s cost benefits for bars and other venues and there’s an argument to be had that there is an integrity to the method where […]

In Air Reading

Airline magazines can be great while travelling. They’re perfect for the time when electronic devices must be stowed away during take off and landing. Air France Madame is one of the best. The bilingual magazine is so highly regarded that it made bureau favourite, Monocle magazine’s Travel Top 50 coming in at an impressive number […]