Unstranslatable Travel

Hearing the words, ‘It’s untranslatable,’ can be a tad frustrating to hear when you’re looking for an explanation, but investigating those words can make you appreciate another country that you’re visiting. The Dutch’s, ‘voorpret,’ is all about the excitement of going to visit other countries including the Netherlands. If you don’t understand the Italian’s, ‘sprezzatura,’ […]

Rock and Reading

Having last month featured The Who’s Pete Townshend autobiography, he now has a new book out now. This time it’s a novel. The Age of Anxiety is said to be a, ‘magnum opus that would combine opera, art installation and novel.’ That’s an ambitious undertaking, but Townshend is no stranger than that. Townshend has long […]

View From The Sky

Photographer Joshua J. Smith, likes to work on the broadest canvas as possible examining the vastness of nature. Taking his camera-ladened drone to the air, he reveals the patterns in the land. He’s at his most interesting when his images take on an almost abstract feel and start to look like paintings. See more on […]

Snakes and Imagination

Your average child is not short on options for entertainment and play as long as they have a screen in front of them. For an alternative to those screens, designers, Area Ware have drawn on their childhood to recreate a classic toy: The snake block. What can you make with that? Well what ever your […]

The Authenticity Hurts

Music critic Everett True posted a scholarly article on authenticity in popular music and the criticism of the music. In short, he reasons that there’s a load of mythology tied around the concept of authenticity. Lin-Manuel Miranda, writing for The Atlantic, offers a key characteristic: Tell the truth. In an, I-know-it-when-I-see-it example, here’s a good […]

On A Wind And A Solar

It was heartening to read that Australia briefly provided half of its energy needs from renewable sources. The combination of low demand on the day and good conditions for the energy sources allowed for the feat. Just as heartening is that this occurred earlier than expected, there is capacity for more and there’s plans in […]