Unwired For Sound

Phones are other music players are well down the path of wireless transmission of sound. But what if you’re somewhat attached, as it were, to a particular set of wired earphones? This bureau is well and truly tethered to a set of Bose Quiet Comfort 20s and would have a hard time abandoning them up given their excellent performance (not to mention their price).

Photo: Courtesy of Forbes

Thankfully a few enterprising manufacturers provide adapters to bridge the wireless gap. A bureau favourite is the BlueAnt Ribbon, but sadly it’s been discontinuted.

Photo: Courtesy of Slashgear.com

The keen buyer may be able to find one to purchase, but what ever the BlueAnt Ribbon’s availability is, it is a rapidly decreasing one.

The Blueant Ribbon used to be gear review site Wirecutter’s top pick, but given the Ribbon’s discontinuation, Wirecutter now recommends the difficult to pronounce FiiO μBTR.

Photo: Courtesy of bhphotovideo.com

Which ever the choice, legacy earphones users should be kept in the loop for sound for a little while longer.