It’s All In The Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a curious mix of an establishment and the anti-establishment. Rock and roll has been going on for so long that it must be regarded as an institution yet it is full of participants who want anything but the preservation of a system. Just the use of the full word, “and,” instead of the popular contraction tells you everything you need to know about this awkward mix.

Yet exist it does and its volatile mix has not prevented it from going on since 1986 albeit with a fair serving of controversy.

Two bands in the 2019 inductee roll, The Cure and Roxy Music, have had many a line up change that the bands are unrecognisable save a prominent member’s hairstyle or two. Consequently it’s a matter of conjecture and interest of who will actually be inducted. The Hall does make a point of naming names.

The most controversial matter was to be someone who was not to be inducted this year, but may warrant a mention in a thank you speech. Janet Jackson was inducted this year and so conjecture was raised if recent family controversies were to be referenced.

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Ms Jackson made no specific reference to the issue beyond a general thanks to her brothers and quite right. A woman should be judged on her own actions and achievements and not by the men surrounding her.