Where It’s At

The films are, naturally enough, the focus of the Sydney Film Festival, but another highlight is the venues that the films are being hosted.

The home of the festival is the State Theatre. A grand venuebuilt 90 years ago. So impressive is the refined decorative interior that one film maker at a past festival confessed to be intimidated by it. If you don’t like the film you can enjoy looking at the theatre instead.

Image: Trip Advisor

Another equally impressive venue is the Hayden Orpheum. Built five years after the State, it is a immaculately maintained venue and is quite the tribute to the golden age of cinema going. A highlight is the Wulizer organ which often plays fanfares before the main feature.

Image: Sydney Art Deco Heritage

Rounding up our venue survey, and the youngest of the bunch, is the Ritz Cinema. It has faced a challenging history to have now become a local favourite.

Image: Wikipedia

No matter which festival film you care to visit, you’re sure to be happy with the venues.