Star Trek has come in various versions, but the one that receives high praise from a even more passionate than usual group is Deep Space Nine.

Image: fanpop.com

It’s relatively smaller fan base has led to it missing out on the remastered blu-ray treatment that the original series, and The Next Generation have enjoyed. This has not stopped the fans of the series (which includes its creators) to work on a documentary providing a retrospective of the series.

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What We Left Behind takes a look behind the scenes of the series and for something that’s a little different for this type of thing, doesn’t hold back when being critical of the production and treatment of the show.

The documentary also features remastered footage as part of a campaign to have the whole series receive the same treatment that it’s sister series have received.

Image: fanfilmfactor.com

That is sure to look great on a big screen which there is a limited opportunity to do so.