Who Scared It Better?

With the immient release of the concluding chapter of the movie version of Stephen King’s It, the world will be soon announcing their verdict on the film.

This bureau’s concern however is going to be something slightly more sartorial: Which Pennywise has the best outfit?

Image: Pinterest.com

The Tim Curry era Pennywise was definitely a product of its era with a baggy silhouette.

Image: Pinterest.com

This would be useful to allow freedom of movement, but surely all that excess material would make it more difficult to get around in those cramped sewer spaces.

The younger Bill Skarsgård version on the other hand cuts a more athletic shape with a nod to modern trends of a slim cut with perhaps some Elizabethan influence finishing the look.

Image: Pinterest.com

Which ever your preferred version, both are sure to scare the bejesus out out anyone.