Environmental Profiteering

Nearly fifty years ago, Milton Friedman argued that companies should solely focus on profits. Not only would a certain teenager have something to say about that, but a group of CEOs a showing signs of some green shoots and also think there might be something more to existence than just profits.

Source: The Economist

Businesses seem to be the best at accumulating wealth, could they be the best to clear the air and act on the needs of the environment?

They need to be motivated with some fresh tail winds, however, to do something beyond a pleasantly worded paragraph or two. That’s where governments usually come in.

They range from being either desperate to act or in denial that there is a problem. There is indeed a point of pride for some to not do anything which seems a lot like keeping their heads are in the sand.

Image: The Economist

So governments in turn need some motivation. I guess that’s where we come in – to motivate both business and government to do what’s needed. Hopefully this blue sky thinking will get give that much needed motivation.