The Height of Fashion

How high should pants go on men? A whole lot higher than they are right now.


The rise on modern pants – or lack thereof – leads to all sorts of problems.

It elongates the torso. Making even the fittest man look they have a belly reminiscent of E.T..

Conversely they make legs look shorter. With pants worn low or with a low rise, the seat of the pants hangs lower down the leg and thus make legs look like the wearer has been amputated at the knees.

The reference above to the seat of the pants sitting lower is a a polite way of saying the back of the pants look like a sagging and full diaper or nappy.

Low rise pants are impractical for movement. They fall down or restrict movement without risking them falling down completely. That might be ok if designer underwear is being worn, but not everyone does do they?

Wise up, gets those pants a little higher. We’re not talking up to the arm pits or anything, but there is a middle ground that’s makes things look a whole lot more flattering and ready for high rise living.