Bound for Small Tea.

After mixed results at the box office and luke-warm critics response Emilia Clarke is probably on the right track in expressing her preference for future projects that are little more low-key.

Clarke’s turns at Star Wars and Terminator were well and truly aimed at high box office returns. Neither delivered. Yet her new film Last Christmas looks to have more modest goals. Perhaps Clarke could take inspiration from another actress who also fronted a hugely popular series.

Image: Spike Island

Kristen Stewart also reached stratospheric heights with the Twilight saga of films, but in the aftermath of those films she turned her back on that success to explore a more diverse film career.


It’s only now seven years later is she dabbling with Hollywood films with her starring in a newly revamped version of Charlies Angels.

She explored her personal interests with interesting projects and now she’s reaping the rewards. Clarke will be aiming to do the same.