The Future In The City

The pandemic has led to a flee of varying degrees from CBDs as people lockdown from the virus.

Even with cities that have been lightly effected or are on their way back from the worst, the CBDs are still showing a decrease in people in office buildings and on footpaths.

If this trend lasts what are we to do with CBDs?

A woman a (Photo by KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

The gentrification process could see a reversal or change of direction as people drift to other locations.

More high rise residential living could pop up as office space is converted to living space.

Entertainment venues could be revamped with bars, clubs and theatres taking over the ares once populated with desks, printers and meeting rooms.

The empty streets show how vital people are to the vitality of a city. So the planners of the future of cities need to be mindful that plans need to emphasise people-friendliness.