Flight Destination Is Up In The Air

To provide some incentive to get people back to fastening their seat belts, placing tables in the upright position and flying off somewhere, Qantas has launched Mystery Flight Adventures.

Image via qantas.com

Passengers won’t know their destination until they begin the descent to their destination – although the flight tracker service on board the aircraft should give them a fair idea.

Once passengers land they will be provided with an itinerary showing the best that the destination has to offer.

The deal is only for domestic flights. There will be presumably no international flying until at least July. Something that this bureau thinks is somewhat optimistic – especially to major destinations like Europe or the US.

Passengers will also return home at the end of the day so the flight time will have to be short enough to allow for returning the same day.

Qantas was one of the hardest hit companies from the pandemic. They need every gimmick they can think of to get people flying again.