The Return of the Seiko King

Grand Seiko’s reputation has been growing and growing to now take its place as one of the finest luxury watch manufacturers in the world.

It’s history involves another Seiko brand called King Seiko. Pitched against each other, it was Grand Seiko that won that tête à tête and the King Seiko brand was lost to history. Until now.

Image via fratellowatches

The brand has made a comeback in the form of a limited edition piece that pays homage to a legendary model from the golden era of watches that was the 1960s.

There’s only 3,000 and can be picked up for about the same price as a mid-level spring drive Grand Seiko. That’s a bit more that an original King Seiko can be picked up for nowadays, but then again the new model isn’t 50 years old. This new model is worthy of a throne.