Timely Mission

The watch of the moment has to be the new Omega x Swatch partnership with the Speedmaster MoonSwatch.

Image via swatch.com

With its iconic stylings and jaw dropping price point (this time for how low it is) it has proved irresistible for watch fans with queues around the world extending long enough to almost make it to the moon.

Demand has far exceeded supply and rumours abound on what its future release schedule will be.

They look delightful and the initial demand is very promising to say the least, pointing to a very successful launch.

The question now is what will be the follow up? Will Swatch partner with another of its house brands? Will other watch companies try the same? Grand Seiko would be well placed to try something similar.

The only thing for certain is that there is quite the dilemma to like the look of this model . . .

Image via swatch.com

. . . and reconciling that it’s called, Mission to Uranus.

For this bureau’s eyes, the Jupiter model looks like the one to get if the buyer wants to pilot away from the classic look of the original.