Going Hull The Way

Virgin Voyages is shaking up the cruise industry with its adult-only ships and a focus on fun and wellness.

Image via cruisehive.com

Passengers have access to a variety of activities, including 80s-themed workouts, drag queen bingo, and BDSM workshops. The ship features a well-being pool, MTV-style safety video, and 13 onboard personalities who take over the role of the traditional cruise director.

The vessel is also designed for easy navigation, and boasts six specialty restaurants, private karaoke rooms, and a tattoo parlor. Virgin Voyages excursions include stops in the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas, and passengers can choose from a variety of cabin configurations, including solo cabins and rockstar suites. This new take on cruising caters to a younger demographic and offers a unique and exciting experience for travelers.

The best thing though are the puns. The name of the Mexican restaurant in the onboard is Let’s Taco Bout It. The gelato stand is Lick Me ‘Till…Ice Cream. Ship just got real.