Volt From The Blue

The Volkswagen company rename stunt has left people seeing flashing red lights. Was it real or not? With internal communications seemingly hitting the breaks, even staff within the company were not sure if it was real or not. Or perhaps not sure when to say it was all a joke. Or perhaps not sure if […]

Low Class High Taste

Here’s a food hack that might actually work. McDonalds not-all-that-recognised-for-being-good iced latte tastefully garnished with a soft serve on top. Food and drink recipes devised during the creative bursts of inebriation don’t usually fair too well once sobriety has reaffirmed itself. This one has been dubbed the McBassett in recognition of the Paul Bassett ice […]

Book of Facts

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has been a mainstay of radio and television for decades especially Triple J. He has a new book out called, ‘Dr Karl’s Little Book of Climate Change Science,’ giving the basics on the science and the facts that matter. Here’s an interview:

Noise Compression

Influential noise merchants, My Bloody Valentine have at long last released their music for streaming services. While welcome, it was seen as a bit of a surprise as band leader Kevin Shields was seen as somewhat an audiophile. Not so, says Shields, who just wanted to make it the best possible sound when making the […]