Borderline Problem

Victoria’s second round of lockdowns is a blow to Victorians and to those who were hoping to travel to or from the state. And while it’s difficult to feel sympathy to those that have attempted to breach the border closure, it is nevertheless a dispiriting development in the fight against the pandemic. Domestic travel was […]

Dressing From Home

All of those working from home have found them modifying their behaviour to suit their new surroundings. That includes what to wear. Various experts have advocated a dedicated work place to create some psychological boundaries between being at work and at home. Another boundary that this bureau endorses for being psychologically at work is to […]

Ashes to Ashwarya

Australian artist, Ashwarya has announced herself to the music scene with the rather excellent, Psycho Hole. It’s very much in the Billie Eilish school of music, but there’s enough of herself to make this a talent to watch. She also shares her name with a few actresses or two. If she can get over those […]

From Above

This bureau’s favourite style of photography is converting the natural to look abstract. Swedish photographer Tobias Hogg does just that with his ocean aerial photography. With his camera perched high above the ground, his photos of the earth below look other worldly. See more of his work here.

Stylish Stylus

The lockdown has led to many needing to entertain ourselves while at home. Music is a major part of that for many people so here’s a great option to give music listening some retro style. Listening to vinyl, in these streaming times, is completely unnecessary and that makes it an essential listening experience. The Electrohome […]