On Ballpoint

For those that are still writing with pens one of the finest writing devices to put in the hand comes from Caran d’Ache. The brand produces pens right across the price spectrum from less than $10 all the way up into the hundreds. There are pencils as well for all those sketchy types. This blog […]


Marvel has released some on screen content for the first time in a while with Wandavision. With the money that’s been rolling in for the Marvel studio it does have some leeway to experiment, but boy oh boy have they taken a sharp left turn with this one. There’s references a plenty not just for […]

Access No Areas

The Economist looks at the decision from various social media and other online companies to disable accounts in the wake of the Washington insurrection. It will be interesting to see what precedents it sets and what governments will do in response to them. It’s a tremendous amount of power within these companies.

Trip Skills

The Traveller website came up with some ideas on what to do since travel is so restricted at the moment – Learn a new skill. There’s a few that are a bit superfluous, but this blog likes the ideas of getting fit, navigation and photography. While one skill to have immediately in relation to traveling […]

Post-Truth is Pre-Facism

There’s a great article over at the New York Times for the thinking that led to the coup attempt last week. There’s lessons from history and insightful analysis of the thinking around the incident. The Wall Street Journal have also looked at the riot itself and how security services responded to it.