Virtual Problems

The K-pop focused, Universe app allows users to virtually interact with their fave idols. Sounds good except this is only a virtual interaction – even using AI to make up conversations – and has led to some troubling situations in these parasocial relationships. The sense of entitlement that over-dedicated fans is troubling at the best […]

Seeing The Music

The Coda Collection is a music channel focusing on classic music documentaries, live performances and other rare music footage. The channel’s backers include rock star spouses Yoko Ono and Janie Hendrix and is available via Amazon Prime. There are films grouped into themes, series and curated collections. It looks to feature films focusing on artists […]

Seen In A New Light

Vivian Maier isn’t the only supplier of great found photography. Robert Blomfield from Scotland also has some wonderful images that his family want to share with the world. Scotland – as well as the rest of the UK – has transformed enormously since the1950s. These times are long gone and this type of Scotland will […]

Who’s Selling

Unstoppable classic rockers The Who are releasing a deluxe version of their 1967 album The Who Sell Out. Featuring an eyes widening, 112 tracks of which 45 have been previously unreleased, the listener will be seeing songs for miles. There’s also additional material including posters, album artwork prints and liner notes from composer Pete Townshend. […]

A New Day

A new biopic on the life of jazz great Billie Holiday has been released on Hulu called The United States vs. Billie Holiday. The reviews have been somewhat mixed, but it’s still worth a look for the performance of Andra Day and also to be reminded of the greatness of Lady Day