Hear Hear

Going to concerts is a great experience for the music fan, but it comes at the price of being exposed to ear damaging sound volumes. The solution is of course ear plugs, but they have their own price to pay with a loss of fidelity. Earjobs come to the party to give a solution. With […]

See What You Should See

The Sydney Film Festival is coming up fast and with so many films it can be difficult to choose what to see. Here’s some help. For comedy try these with the opening night film Palm Beach looking the pick of the bunch. For award winning films the Official Competition will have the selections that will […]

Under the Euro

Eurovision 2019 was all about the glitz and glamour as usual, but once again it was the understated songs that stood out. The competition winner was The Netherlands’ Duncan Laurence with Arcade. Meanwhile, Zala Kralj and Gašper Šantl’s Sebi was the bureau favourite.

Blessed Cafe

The Little Lord cafe is tucked away on a back street and is a favourite among locals and visitors alike. With friendly staff happy to catch up with locals and an inventive menu, the cafe is a highlight in the area with it’s original exterior maintained. You know that the coffee is good, because a […]

Out of the Shadows

Following up on controversial photographers, another is Bill Henson. With his haunting photos of people and landscapes, Henson is world class and commands five figure sums for prints of his work. He even can count former prime ministers as owners of his work. Showing his well established shadowy style, the colours he conjures up are […]

Eyes of the World On You

Celebrated photographer Steve McCurry is most famous for his National Geographic cover of Sharbat Gula, the ‘Afghan Girl.’ While the image is not without controversy, the story was made even more extraordinary because a few war ridden decades later, she was found again. That, however, is just two photos in McCurry’s career. Many have been […]

Fun Lovin’ Radio Host

Huey Morgan is best know to the world for his band The Fun Lovin’ Criminals. They had a string of hits in the 90s including Scooby Snacks. While the band is still active with the occasional tour Morgan spends more time as a radio host for the BBC hosting shows twice a week. The strength […]