Coachella is one of the many music events to be cancelled this year. The silver lining for that jacket is that a documentary is coming soon showing the best of the last twenty years of the legendary festival. To get a taste of the film, here’s a performance from kpop superstars, BlackPink. The documentary starts […]

Getting Way Out

There’s a lot less opportunity for travelling about at the moment so we have to make use of photography from others back when it was possible to move around. The Landscape Photographer of the Year collects the best there is in the world that is far beyond the four walls that many people are now […]

Get In The House

Spending more time in the house means more time appreciating the things that are in the home. One of those things to appreciate is music. Using streaming services may be the preferred format when on the go, yet while stuck a home, some physical product may help in the contemplative process of a deep listen […]

Creative Isolation

Apart from staring at a screen, the only way to see artistic culture is to create it yourself. If you don’t know how to do that yet, then it’s the perfect time to learn. A good example of this is Bass Buzz’s bass guitar lessons. Here’s an intro: Not only will you pick up a […]

On The Wave

There’s promising news of flattening curves. While some stats are under question, even for the countries that are genuine, the time is not for complacency. The various restrictions will need to continue for some time. Successful reduction in cases is a testament to the countries that took decisive action, but it raises great concerns to […]

Fine Homing

Fans of fine dining are missing out – apart from everything else – on those fine dining experiences because of the virus-induced restaurant restrictions. As a way to stay in business, those restaurants are thinking outside the box and delivering in a box some of those fine foods to your home. Restaurants like Sixpenny are […]