Reblog: Stella Donnelly: “Lungs” — The Autumn Roses

Its incisive message cleverly shaded beneath welcoming melodies, “Lungs” is the cordial, cutting brand-new single from Western Australian musician Stella Donnelly. You’ll find assorted streaming links for this right here. Her new LP Flood is out on August 26th, and you can order red-vinyl, CD or bundled versions of it from her webstore, while cassette […]

Stella Donnelly: “Lungs” — The Autumn Roses

Easy Breathing

Bureau favourite, Stella Donnelly has a new single out called, Lungs.

The song proceeds the release of her album, Flood, which will be the follow up to Beware of the Dogs.

The song is quite the change of style of Donnelly, with its raw dance style.

It’s an interesting forerunner for the upcoming album.

The Less Is More Phone

Minimalists Advocates, Punkt have come up with a phone design true to their name.

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It’s more a mobile hotspot with a phone function rather than a modern phone. It can function as a hotspot to another device when users find themselves in need of something a bit more internet connected.

Phones do a lot of good as well as damage, so this internet connect, but function limited, may be just the thing for those wanting to minimise the damage side of the ledger.