Triple App

A few years ago radio station Triple J’s app was revamped and streamlined. While it benefited from a fresh and sharp look, it unfortunately lost its on-demand features. Well now they’re back. With full programs from Triple J and sister station Double J, there’s also Unearthed programs to discover the cutting edge of emerging music. […]

3D Crossing

A local council is trialing a novel approach to pedestrian safety: Crossing markings that look like they’re floating above the road. Cars have been ignoring the more traditional markings on roads so how about trying something that looks like it’s about to fly through the windscreen? Looks good in a photo, but would it really […]

Thinner Cover

As things warm up in the bureau the jackets start to get a little lighter weighted. Moving from the medium weighted bureau favourite Winscombe jacket, to the light and stylish offering from A Kind of Guise. The jacket is available in the above navy providing the most flexible look or alternatively there’s the slightly different, […]

Return to the Rock

The Stephen King universe (or KINGdom if you would like) inspired tv series Castle Rock returns for a second series. The J.J. Abrams headed series this time features one of Stephen King’s most iconic characters: Annie Wilkes. The character who would nurse to health – and then terrorise – an injured author. While we look […]

A fair affair

The art fair, Sydney Contemporary opens this week with the art world’s freshest, cutting edge art on display as well as performances and talks. Some highlights include Meijers & Walsh’s Henri Papin, an installation from Joan Ross and Nell’s Ghost Songs which has a Torii gate made our of electric guitar amplifiers. The event runs […]

Race to the Moon and the Merch Store

The race to the moon has now evolved into the race to the merch store with publishing house Flipboku producing a Moon Walk flipbook campaign. Kickstarter campaigns always need to be taken with a degree of caution, but with pledges over ten times subscribed there seems like a good chance this will come into fruition. […]

Schedule Different

Apple announced a new line of phones, watches and other associated products with its usual fanfare. For those that want to hang on to their phones a little longer, of more interest is the updates to operating systems and the promise of new features. Mac Stories have a handy break down of what is coming […]