Love Them

Some recommended reading with an interview with The Avalanches courtesy of the NME. After storming into the music world with Since I Left You they now face the prospect of being a normal band. As much as a band can be normal during these times anyway.

Summer Lana

Lana Del Rey has always seemed that she looks to a bygone era for inspiration. That’s clearer more than ever with her release of a version of the Gershwin classic, Summertime. The version beautifully captures the lazy vibe of a hot summer. The song is being released as part of a fund raising campaign for […]

American Electric

As a fan of electric bikes, this bureau is always on the look out of the latest and greatest in the format. The latest one found is the Serial 1 from none other than Harley Davidson. The frame is a welded hydroformed aluminium and weighs a hefty 26 kg with a range of 55+ kms […]

Hard Ask

Movie director, Spike Lee has never shied away from difficult subject matters. So perhaps it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that he as decided to stand up straight to take on the task to make a film about Viagra. Not only that, but it’s going to be a manly musical. Guess that when […]