Wall Styles

Design magazine Wallpaper* launched its style issue recently. The magazine is full of its usual design hits, but this month the focus is on clothing designers. Spring / Summer 2021 looks are the theme with plenty to look at to inspire your look for the coming season. Get yours design special where you get your […]

Killer Movie

Assassins is a documentary from director Ryan White on the assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un’s half brother Kim Jong-Nam. This is a fascinating insight into the elaborate lengths Jong-Un will go to to get what he wants up to and including setting up two women to murder someone and make it look like […]

Junk Media Ban

Facebook’s ban on Australian news services was such a clumsy oath of a step that the ill thought out measure even effected charities, health services and even satirical sites. This could not have been a worse move from Facebook. While not doubting its clear power it also demonstrates that Facebook does not know how to […]

Eyes On Masks

While iPhone’s Face ID was a great addition for those that felt typing in a pass code was far too arduous, the wearing of masks made the feature un-usable and there wasn’t a Touch ID option available on the Face ID phones. Well a solution is coming that will allow the Apple Watch to carry […]