You So Vision

Eurovision is on once again and the cavalcade of kitsch is set to be glitter us to death like no one else can. Who will hit the dizzying heights this year? Well someone has a head start.

Time Lapsed

Some of us may wonder what we would say to our younger selves. Well image editor supremo, Ard Gelinck has a set up an Instagram account to see what those meetings would look like. View this post on Instagram PRETTY WOMAN. ACTION! 🎬 Actors together with one of their famous characters. Julia Roberts & Vivian […]

Forster Apart

Robert Forster’s latest album, Inferno includes the rather Velvet Underground sounding, Brisbane In Summer. Currently touring the album in Europe, Forster’s highlighted his post-Go-Betweens career as a music critic and writer which has produced two books. One, a collection of his music criticism and the other a heart breaking autobiography. As it’s title suggests the […]

Light The Wick

Few actors collect three icon roles. Hugo Weaving has done well with the Lord of the Rings and The Matrix series. Patrick Stewart has Picard and Professor X. Weaving’s The Matrix co-star Keanu Reeves has managed three. Neo, Ted and most recently John Wick. The Wick is set to light again with the third installment […]

How Sweet It Is

The legendary Greek cafes that grew out of the migration to Australia after World War 2 are well past their glory days, but there is a movement to revitalise the spaces. Places like Cowderoy’s Dairy in Melbourne and Sydney neighbours The Temperance Society and the Rio have given a fresh breath of life into the […]

The FX Strikes Back

One of the weaker scenes in Star Wars – A New Hope was the fight scene between Obi-Wab / Ben and Darth Vader. Either they wanted to show them past their peak, or maybe (and more likely) they didn’t have the time and money to choreograph a fight scene. Especially with modern eyes, the scene […]

Big City – More Bright Lights

Following on from the recent post about the Sydney Film Festival, the festive spirit continues with the VIVID festival. Consisting of concerts, talk events and of course the light shows, VIVID is just the event to get you outside into the cold for what passes as winter in Sydney. More info here. It’s sure to […]