Wear It Again

Provenance of clothes is becoming of increasing importance to clothes buyers, but it doesn’t have to mean a sacrifice to quality. Everlane is on the case with high quality cashmere sweaters that are made of high quality recycled cashmere. The sweaters are made from a combination of new and recycled materials including Italian yearn of […]

Cloud Services

When we think of cloud services we’re usually thinking about some sort of online file storage system. Not so for visual artist, Berndnaut Smilde. Smilde instead offers to put clouds in your room – or where ever else you might like one. Combing just the right amount of dust and water vapour a cloud will […]

Honourable Mention

While it’s not unique to sport, when you have a shared focus, people can’t seem to help themselves, and actually be nice to each other. A great recent example was the aftermath of the huge upset in the Rugby World Cup when hosts Japan defeated Ireland. After the match, the Irish had a right to […]

Pay Up to Dress Down

There are two main ways to approach a mechanical watch purchase. Dressed up to show off the every, not inconsiderable, dollar spent or to do the opposite and hide the cost. Looking at the latter, the dress watch becomes an option and a good example of that is the Tissot Gentleman Automatic. With a steel […]

Who He Is

This bureau has long been a fan of audiobooks. A particular favourite is Pete Townshend’s Who I Am. An autobiography chronociling Townshend’s life and career in music with The Who and various other celebrities of the time. The guitarist and chief song writer also reads the book for this production and he adds to the […]