Playing On With The Words Of Love

Everyone has to adapt with social distancing including celebrities. While there have been some missteps, a good example is Sir Patrick Stewart reading one of Shakespeare’s sonnets per day. Sir Patrick has a long history with Shakespeare having been a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company before he found international fame with Star Trek: The […]

Soundtrack to Nothing

Managing the effects of sitting around the home can be quite the challenge. A meditative soundtrack can go a long way to help alleviate the stress of being locked up all day. Cheesy Nirvosa provides just that with a selection of soundscapes lasting sometimes up to twelve hours. Cheesy Nirvosa likes to describe himself as, […]

Well Designed On Design

Now is the time to embrace you’re inner nerd because there’s no-one around to see you anyway. So if you like to geek out on architectural history then SAH Archipedia is just perfect for you. From mimetic and programmatic architecture in America to women and Delaware architecture, this site has all your architectural needs taken […]

Come In And Play

Finding activities and stimulation for the kids during these times is quite the challenge. Something with a screen is a help, but they might only last a finite amount of time. An alternative could be some old fashioned toys to re-engage the minds. Craft is a great way to get children creative and Shrinky Dinks […]

Going Elsewhere While At Home

To add another answer to do what to do while stuck at home, The National Gallery of Victoria has some great virtual tours. Not just prints of the exhibited art works, the gallery provides a free 3D tour of the exhibition. With excellent resolutions of the artwork, it’s a solid substitute for the real thing. […]

Put The World On Pause

Large parts of the world are socially on pause. It’s time to do that economically as well. As been hinted by the Australian government there is a problem where everyone has some bill owed to someone else. Let’s spare people of those deadlines. Hold off on that until the wheels are back on economy. Then […]

Home Cooked

The restaurant and hospitality industries are taking a heavy toll during these viral times. Restaurants are often seen as cultural sign posts for a community, but the real expression of food culture is in the home. Now that large swathes of people are staying away from restaurants and cooking at home instead, genuine expressions of […]