Courting A New Design

The Brooklyn Nets court design was a favourite among basketball fans. However it was due a refresh and the franchise commissed an updated look. Looking good on television was a factor as well as staying in the hearts of fans. After a long process and a few iterations, the final design is distinctive, evocative of […]

Beautifully Useless

Something to add to our useless stuff to have in the home: A sponge holder. Granted, sponges are kind of gross when one contemplates on the half life of germs, but the solution is not a rather fetching ceramic holder. Available in a range of colours the device may allow you to dry our your […]

The First of the Last

The Museum of Santa Maria Novella is drawing some much needed attention to women artists with the restoration and display of Plautilla Nelli’s “Last Supper.” One of the first paintings of the famous biblical scene painted by a woman. Painted about 70 years after Da Vinci’s famous work, Melli’s version is being displayed to the public […]

Bound for Small Tea.

After mixed results at the box office and luke-warm critics response Emilia Clarke is probably on the right track in expressing her preference for future projects that are little more low-key. Clarke’s turns at Star Wars and Terminator were well and truly aimed at high box office returns. Neither delivered. Yet her new film Last […]

Shop and Bop

Bricks and mortar retailers continue to struggle with customers turning towards online options. Retailer, Myer has been looking into finding reasons for shoppers to come to the physical stores. Ideas include smaller, more curated stores and engaging events to interest customers. They’re good ideas and hopefully will succeed to add to the culture and vibe […]

A Page Turner of a Library

The Livraria Lello is one of the most impressive book shops in the world. Not because of its collection of books, but because of its design. Located in Porto Portugal, the store was opened in 1904 and designed by Francisco Xavier Esteves. The store has been so popular that they charge admission. That can go […]

Watching For Listening

Musican and producer Rick Beato has an insightful YouTube channel on all aspects of music making. First he has his click bait ready and shareable top 20 lists. Then there’s his analysis videos on what makes a song great. There’s also his music theory videos for the budding musician. And then the occasional confession. His […]