All Stations to Soul

When singers get to a certain age they like to churn out a jazz project that sounds like they were hanging out with Frank Sinatra at The Sands in the 1960s. Sometimes it produces some disasterous results. While mining the same era, Kiss vocalist Paul Stanley has taken a different approach with an album of […]

What Just Might Be

Museums are usually about what happened in the past, but a recent exhibition was all about what will happen. The exhibition aimed to look at the contemporary urban condition and explore the role of the home by the end of the decade. Nine design studios got together with researchers and practitioners from a range of […]

Promotion Intelligente

The Alliance Francaise French Film Festival in Australia is starting to hit the home straight with encore screenings now occurring of the most popular films of the festival. Festivals usually have only one or two screenings for each film, but the Alliance takes a slightly different approach with up to 10 to 15 screenings of […]

Recycle and Re-ride

What to do with the batteries of increasingly popular e-bikes is slowly, but surely becoming an issue. Battery boffin, Tesla is looking into it. Tesla’s teaming up with JB Straubel’s Redwood Materials to help recycle the e-bike industry’s batteries. New solutions can lead to new problems so it’s promising to see electric vehicles champion Tesla […]