Reblog: Switzerland to buy 36 F-35 jet fighters. — What Now News 24

Image Credit: Twitter account F-35 Lightning II On Wednesday, the Swiss Federal Council made of seven executive members took the decision to advise the parliament to buy 36 F-35A fighters from Lockheed Martin for 5.5 billion Swiss francs ($16.75 billion) and five Patriot ground-based air-defense system units for the price of 3.6 billion francs over […]

Switzerland to buy 36 F-35 jet fighters. — What Now News 24

New to the Fight

Russia recently unveiled its latest stealth jet fighter at the Aviation and Space Show and it all looks terribly impressive.

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Whether it actually is impressive remains to be seen with details scarce. However the unusual under the chin air inlet is raising questions on whether that could decrease speed and increase radar detectability. They’ll be some important questions to ask for prospective buyers.

Prospective buyers will definitely be on Russia’s mind as this aircraft would be hoped to boost sales to various defence departments around the world.

Not My Wall

It’s been reported that former Pink Floyd front man, Roger Waters would not allow Facebook use it’s song, ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ for an ad campaign the social media giant was running.

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Waters’ views were clear.

Any brick added to the wall that defends against junk media is welcome by this bureau.