Parking Fossil Fuels

Cigarette advertising disappeared long ago in a lot of countries. So after smoking ads were reduced the next step may be restricting smoking machines. Or in other words, regulating advertising of machines using fossil fuels. Amsterdam has taken the first step towards this with the banning of fossil fuel products in its subway stations. Could […]

Gotta A Bran’ New Shoe

Apple has been in on the refurbishment game for a few years, Nike is now getting in on that action. Another practice shared with Apple is the rather indulgent lining up for new shoes, so a refurbishment program is a welcome counter balance to the encouragement of those looking for the latest and greatest. Instead […]

Super Relocation

With the European Super League scurrying back to the dark corner under the fridge from where it came from, one of its participants may rethink its plans in other ventures. Manchester United is in the market for Australian football team, Central Coast Mariners. The fans might be able to stomach that, but the worry is […]

Plane In Vain

Recent reports have come in on Air France banning domestic flights when there is a train service available. This is a good move environmentally speaking of couse, but it’s also good for the travellers’ comfort as well. The train experience is much better than flying. Flying in the cheap seats have been called cattle class […]

Volt From The Blue

The Volkswagen company rename stunt has left people seeing flashing red lights. Was it real or not? With internal communications seemingly hitting the breaks, even staff within the company were not sure if it was real or not. Or perhaps not sure when to say it was all a joke. Or perhaps not sure if […]