Shopping Down

Finnair will stop selling Marimekko amenity kits and other popular Finnish products on board its flights by the end of February. This move comes as part of a growing trend among airlines, including Qantas, United Airlines, and KLM, to end the once-popular inflight service due to the decline in demand for duty-free items.

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The, ‘once-popular,’ is the key phrase there. This bureau often wondered why they were popular in the first place, but it’s demise is now becoming the prevailing trend for airlines moving further away from the golden age of air travel.

Improved airport retail options and the greater availability of goods online have also impacted the appeal of inflight sales. The airline will offer a 40% closing-down sale until the end of the service. Inflight sales will end on February 28, although passengers can still pre-order goods until April 18. Finnair will continue to sell food and beverages on board.

The Dumpster Fire Spreads

Twitter just goes from worse to horrendous as it recently announced plans to prevent the use of its APIs by third-party developers. This came after the company decided to close its moderation teams, which were responsible for reviewing and removing potentially inappropriate content from the platform.

Twitter has stated that it will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments as necessary.

Then won’t be any holding of breath for things to improve.