On The Wave

There’s promising news of flattening curves. While some stats are under question, even for the countries that are genuine, the time is not for complacency. The various restrictions will need to continue for some time. Successful reduction in cases is a testament to the countries that took decisive action, but it raises great concerns to […]

Put The World On Pause

Large parts of the world are socially on pause. It’s time to do that economically as well. As been hinted by the Australian government there is a problem where everyone has some bill owed to someone else. Let’s spare people of those deadlines. Hold off on that until the wheels are back on economy. Then […]

The No Gig Economy

The current virus effected economic climate shows how brittle the gig economy is. People whose main source of income is via Air BnB are left with no income as holiday makers stay at home. Same goes for ride sharing services. Food deliveries seem to be working, but that’s only because there’s still the demand. But […]

Local and / or General

With gatherings of more than 500 being called on to be cancelled due to COVID-19, things in the business world are set to be a lot more low key, to put it mildy. The impact on the economy is set to be significant so what is there to do about that? Since travel and the […]

New Moon On Friday

The boffins at the Catalina Sky Survey has surprised most of us with news they’ve discovered a new moon orbiting earth. The object will not be around quite as long as the more familiar moon and is also much smaller. It also has quite the erratic orbit. Looks like it’s here just for a short […]

No Love

Ireland has a reputation of being very company friendly with its generous taxation policies, but it’s a bit more hands on when it comes to people’s personal data. The Irish Data Protection Commission didn’t like what it saw with Facebook’s dating app proposal and as a consequence postponed it’s launch. This bureau can’t help but […]

Sick Leadership

As with many parts of the world, this bureau is following with interest the handling of the spread of the coronavirus now known as COVID-19. China’s (very) top down approach to governing means that middle level leaders are going to be reluctant to make bold decisions. They are more likely to say yes and apprease […]