Flying Confidence

Small single turboprop aircraft haven’t quite gone of the dodo just yet with the UAE set to buy a couple of dozen B-250s to bolster its counter insurgence capabilities. Manufactured by Calidus, the UAE government preferred this over the popular Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano. The purchase of the aircraft is a vote of confidence […]

Sustainable Victory

Tokyo is hoping that this Olympics will be the greenest ever. It’s an ambitious, but very necessary goal given the accusations of excess that surrounds the Olympics. Medals are to be constructed with recycled materials, some venues from the 1964 Tokyo games are to be reused and all this is to be powered by renewable […]

On A Wind And A Solar

It was heartening to read that Australia briefly provided half of its energy needs from renewable sources. The combination of low demand on the day and good conditions for the energy sources allowed for the feat. Just as heartening is that this occurred earlier than expected, there is capacity for more and there’s plans in […]

Bound for Small Tea.

After mixed results at the box office and luke-warm critics response Emilia Clarke is probably on the right track in expressing her preference for future projects that are little more low-key. Clarke’s turns at Star Wars and Terminator were well and truly aimed at high box office returns. Neither delivered. Yet her new film Last […]

Shop and Bop

Bricks and mortar retailers continue to struggle with customers turning towards online options. Retailer, Myer has been looking into finding reasons for shoppers to come to the physical stores. Ideas include smaller, more curated stores and engaging events to interest customers. They’re good ideas and hopefully will succeed to add to the culture and vibe […]

What If It Works.

The nerds have won including taking over the financial markets. But like other nerd-led processes (think computers and smart phones) things can sometimes go wrong. AI-equipped computers are taking over financial markets – including portfolio management – in ways that real life air breathing humans only, ‘partly understand.’ It will demand new regulation – from […]

Pulling The Strings

The return of Spitting Image is a well and truly welcome one with the infamous satirists setting their targets on today’s news makers. The British series was a huge hit in the 1980s and 1990s. Even Margaret Thatcher – often a target of the sketches- was said to love their merciless takes on politicians and […]