Group Off

In yet another example of unconvincingly apologising well after the damage has been done, according to a Wall Street Journal report, Facebook knew of violence plagued groups. The only group left worth joining is the leave Facebook group.

Junk Media Ban

Facebook’s ban on Australian news services was such a clumsy oath of a step that the ill thought out measure even effected charities, health services and even satirical sites. This could not have been a worse move from Facebook. While not doubting its clear power it also demonstrates that Facebook does not know how to […]


Parent have been handing down and passing on children’s clothing for as long as there has been children and clothing. Yet these informal networks can’t always be relied upon so designers ARKET are setting up a clothing rental scheme. ARKET has long taken an interest in sustainable production so this rental offering is another great […]

Well No Thanks, says Dolly

It’s difficult not to admire country music legend Dolly Parton any more, but she’s managed for us to do just that. News has come through that she refused the Presidential Medal of Freedom not once, but twice. Parton is usually a model of diplomacy not wishing to be critical of others when possible. So this […]

GameStop of Thrones

The share trading app Robin Hood has found itself in one hell of a mess in handling the share market price surge of GameStop. They’ve had to reverse its decision to halt trading on the share (The app did seem vulnerable to market manipulation accusations). Regulatory changes will probably stem from this incident and the […]