Take Me Back Home

It’s been known for a while that AirBnB leads to higher rental and property prices for long term residents. So how has the pandemic effected all this? It’s not been great for the suppliers of AirBnB with demand way down as people travel less. This is isn’t all bad as the previously mentioned rental and […]

This Is Not Going Away

With the world in such a flux, it’s heartening to see there’s some things have remained resilient. Although closing for a few days, the world’s last remaining Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon is still open for business. Practicing social distancing protocols and equipping staff with protective equipment, the store is still allowing in a limited number […]

Mission (Nearly) Accomplished

The, mission accomplished, pronouncement can get certain leaders in trouble, but the lesson has not got though just yet. New Zealand recently proudly announced that it was completely free of the coronavirus. Sadly they spoke too soon with new reports that a handful of cases have again popped up. New Zealand has undoubtedly done a […]

Separated Work

News reports have come in saying that the Miami Herald is to permanently shut down its office and all staff are to work from home. Presumably the building administration staff will not be working from home as there’s no building to administer. For the front line journalism staff, they will be able to work from […]

Premium Read

Bauer Media recently closed a stable of magazines continuing a trend of magazine closures over the past several years. So what is the future of magazines, if any? Perhaps the solution can be found in other sectors. The watch industry went through what was called the quartz crisis – the introduction of the quartz powered […]