Up Late

The NSW state government has announced an action plan to promote a 24 hour economy. The plan will involve integrated actions, night time activity diversity, entrepreneurial support, improved transport and increased safety. Sydney’s reputation took quite the hit when the lock out laws were in place, but that thinking now seems to be well and […]

Koala Politics

In news that made this bureau wonder if someone had fallen out of their tree, the split within the NSW state government over a policy on koalas disappeared as quickly as it appeared in a bewildering who-has-time-for-this manner. What this now means for the coalition partners in government is anyone’s guess, but as others have […]

Pushing Politely

It’s being reported that Japan, India and Australia are to set up a trading initiative. The elephant not in the room of this initiative is China. This seems to be a nuanced reaction to China’s use of trade as a political weapon. As China grows in influence, other countries seem to be starting to spread […]

The Inter-Split

The Australian government is looking into regulate online media aggregators to strike commercial deals to pay media companies for their news content. With so many of these disputes popping up, it seems inevitable that governments will be doing more to pull back the reins of the big tech companies. Whether that will be good regulation […]

Pro Digital

As previously mentioned, bureau favourite, Monocle magazine was promising a digital edition and they’ve just launched the service. It’s a good developement and a rather overdue acknowledgement of the digital era from the staunchly pro-print organisation. It is nevertheless surprising to see them endorsing staring at a phone.