Taking a Stand at a Runoff

The Georgia runoff election is looking like it’s going to be crucial for the fate of the US Senate. David Perdue will be facing Jon Ossoff in a decision that is as important as the presidential election. Both candidates’ parties are sure to put their whole weight to the campaign. It’s a vital runoff, but […]

Lock It Down

As Europe goes into lockdown this bureau feels for the businesses and people who will suffer because of it. It’s a bitter pill, but a pill that needs to be taken. As other countries look like they’ve given up, a lockdown is an important way to curb the spread of the pandemic and will save […]

All In The Diplomacy Game

Today’s post is just a recommendation to read this from David Klion over at Foreign Policy about the board game Diplomacy and how it’s shaped real world politics. “A game that ruins friendships and shapes careers.” What’s not to like about that?