Goodes Deed

The Adam Goodes mural is a fitting tribute to the great footballer and equally great man. Created by Apparition Media, the mural went up last month in Surry Hills. It is a fitting accompaniment to the two documentaries that have been released over recent months on the champion and there’s hope that it will visible […]

A Page Turner

Directed by D. W. Young, The Booksellers is a documentary on antiquarian book shops. Here’s the trailer: This documentary tells the story of the book shops’ survival in the digital age and the readers who span the age spectrum. While this bureau must confess to the usage of ebooks over hard copies (well designed magazines […]

The Crowd Scores

Professional sport has been making its return over the past few weeks. In the English Premier League, Liverpool finally achieved there deserved goal of the championship win (with Manchester City promptly tackling the party). What has not returned however is the crowds. In Australia, the NRL has made up for the lack of crowd with […]

Sounds Good

As governments spend billions in stimulus packages in reaction to the pandemic, one sector that has missed out has been the arts sector. In a rare bit of good news for them, authorities are looking to relax noise restrictions. If the sector is not going to get any funding, the least regulators could do is […]

Gaming For A Cause have a great games bundle at the moment to raise money to assist in racial equality and justice. As it says above, it features over over 1,000 works (mostly computer games for Windows, MacOS and Linux, but a couple of text PDFs as well). It represents great value for a minimum price of $5 […]