Creative Isolation

Apart from staring at a screen, the only way to see artistic culture is to create it yourself. If you don’t know how to do that yet, then it’s the perfect time to learn. A good example of this is Bass Buzz’s bass guitar lessons. Here’s an intro: Not only will you pick up a […]

Going Elsewhere While At Home

To add another answer to do what to do while stuck at home, The National Gallery of Victoria has some great virtual tours. Not just prints of the exhibited art works, the gallery provides a free 3D tour of the exhibition. With excellent resolutions of the artwork, it’s a solid substitute for the real thing. […]

Self-Isolation Activity

So you’re self-isolated. You’re practicing proper hygiene. You’re working from home and you’re not hoarding. Now what? Just what to do to occupy you’re mind while absconded from the rest of the world is now a task that many are contemplating. So let’s recommend a simple one: Reading. A good reliable news service would be […]

The Long Video Walk

With all this self-isolation going on, people need to work out what do do during all that time staying inside besides counting their toilet paper stash. Coming to the rescue is a 5+ hour single take video tour of Russia’s iconic museum, The Hermitage. Shot entirely on an iPhone, the extraordinary film is a meditative […]

Able To Dance

The Dance of Westminster is a competition featuring a group of dancers who do not usually have a chance to shine. Designed to be accessible to all comers it features a wide range of dance styles. All the dancers have accessibility needs, but that doesn’t stop them from experiencing the nerves and thrills of competing […]

Burned Out

A key defence on non-action on climate change has been the effect it would have on business. Yet it’s this inaction that has led to the severe fires we are seeing in Australia. A number of these areas are tourism dependent and tourists are doing their best to avoid the fire areas. They are either […]

The First of the Last

The Museum of Santa Maria Novella is drawing some much needed attention to women artists with the restoration and display of Plautilla Nelli’s “Last Supper.” One of the first paintings of the famous biblical scene painted by a woman. Painted about 70 years after Da Vinci’s famous work, Melli’s version is being displayed to the public […]