Expanded Shrinked Wrap

Haruhiko Kawaguchi raised eyebrows with his tight looking photo shoots of couples wrapped in plastic in an exploration of claustrophobic love. Expanding on his Laura Palmer ways, he’s now into not just wrapping people, he’s now taking on entire households. Photo shoots have to be conducted very rapidly for obvious reasons. Despite all the sucking […]

In Your Language

To celebrate the United Nations’ International Year of Indigenous Languages, radio station Double J has decided to shine a light on musicians who keep their traditional languages alive through their art. As part of Double J’s The J Files program they built a playlist called Songs In Language. Featuring arts such as Gurrumul, A Tribe […]

Storming Into Film

Photographer, Mike Olbinksi is at home photograhing your typical wedding or portrait shot. The background of the above photo reveals another interest: The weather. Namely, stormy weather. It’s not just still photography. Olbinski takes spectacular videos of nature at its savage best.

Stan Gamlastan

Gamalastan is the oldest of the archipelagoes that make up Stockholm that was founded around the 13th century. Linked with a web of bridges it was said to be founded on money and taxes. Nowadays it’s perfect for a day or two of sightseeing. Or the occasional mythical dragon slaying.

One Giant Exhibit

To mark the anniversary of the moon landing, the Powerhouse Museum is holding an exhibition on all things moon. The exhibition includes the space race advances through out the decade leading up to the moon landing including the extraordinarily small space craft. A highlight of the exhibition is the seven metre tall detailed model of […]

Rock Like

The cute and imperative manifests itself on rocks. What you see as a lifeless rock, artist, Akie Nakata seeings vigourous life. See more on Nakata’s Instagram page linked above. Or see more on Fubiz.

True Blogging

Everette True aka Jeremy Thackray has been writing about music since the early 1980s. His decades spanning career has allowed him to be in the passenger seat (and occasionally even the driving seat) of many iconic and not so iconic bands. He continues to do so on this very platform and while his blogs tend […]