Editable Tattoos

If tattoos ever become so last year, Ephemeral Tattoos has just the thing – tattoos that last just a year.

Image via wallpaper.com

Getting that EAST 17 FOREVER Tatt won’t be such a big deal now with Ephereral’s in-house produced fade-able ink.

Image via ephemeral.tattoo

The tattoo is still applied in the conventional fashion which means the wearer still has to endure the pain of application.

While this may severely dent the street cred that a permanent tattoo offers, at least in the future the wearer can look back at their hipster days with no permanent record on the skin.

What Makes G.O.A.T. Great

Musician, producer and more recently YouTuber Rick Beato has a video series called What Makes This Song Great. With his experience he provides excellent insight into the music production process.

Image via guitar.com

He’s turned his attention to Polyphia’s track, ‘G.O.A.T.’

This episodes show one of the great strengths of Beato’s video series: He encourages appreciation of music that the viewer may not usually listen.

Polyphia are a long way from this bureau’s regular playlist, but after watching the video I can appreciate the skill and artistry that went into producing the track.

Here’s the track in question.

As a bonus, Polyphia’s guitarist, Tim Henson, has also produced his own breakdown of the track.

Virtual Gallery Visits

Lockdowns and other travel restrictions prevent art lovers from going to galleries and see the world’s great artworks. Art on Screen provides a solution for art loving frustrations.

Image via sharmillfilms.com.au

Sharmill Films produces intricate art documentaries on some of the world’s great art. Proving insightful analysis, the films tell you the stories behind the works and the people who make them.

So for those that can’t get to galleries at the moment these films make an excellent substitute.