Sounds Good

As governments spend billions in stimulus packages in reaction to the pandemic, one sector that has missed out has been the arts sector. In a rare bit of good news for them, authorities are looking to relax noise restrictions. If the sector is not going to get any funding, the least regulators could do is […]

Gaming For A Cause have a great games bundle at the moment to raise money to assist in racial equality and justice. As it says above, it features over over 1,000 works (mostly computer games for Windows, MacOS and Linux, but a couple of text PDFs as well). It represents great value for a minimum price of $5 […]

Face Painting

Melbourne street artist Rone is into painting faces, but not quite in the way that you may thinking. His most distinctive characteristic is his detail and scale of his works. They can get big. His works can be seen mainly in the world’s streets and walls. Although he has gallery exhibitions as well. See more […]

Medical Heroes

Street artist Banksy has unveiled a work in honour of health care workers fighting the good fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Banksy is usually known for his irreverence, but in this case he is paying his respect to a group of people who thoroughly deserve it.

Monster Swap

Another example of things to do at home during this lock down is Britain’s National Theatre streaming some of its landmark productions. A standout one is Frankenstein starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller. The difference with this production is that both Miller and Cumberbatch play the title role depending on which version of the […]