The Less Is More Phone

Minimalists Advocates, Punkt have come up with a phone design true to their name.

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It’s more a mobile hotspot with a phone function rather than a modern phone. It can function as a hotspot to another device when users find themselves in need of something a bit more internet connected.

Phones do a lot of good as well as damage, so this internet connect, but function limited, may be just the thing for those wanting to minimise the damage side of the ledger.

Viva Vivas

Photographer Paola Vivas has a new book out called Espacio Latino that examines the diversity of the Latin American community.

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The Latinx community is a group that are quickly shunted into stereotype so Vivas wanted to celebrate the diversity in a positive way.

Skinny Views

SHoP Architects’ 111 West 57th Street in New York City has opened to be the latest in a list of skinny sky scrapers.

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The 435m tall building has a height ratio of 24:1 making it the world’s skinniest building.

Zoning lot mergers bylaws make it possible to build these super high buildings and get around (and above) any restrictions.

These designs are taking urban construction to a whole new level.