Masked Photos

The World Press Photos winners are out and it’s no surprise that masks feature prominently. Sometimes not as expected. The photos capture extraordinary moments. They’re all worth a shot.

Driving Image

Steve Waugh – better known as a cricket player and pundit – has turned his lens towards photography and has won the Wisden Cricket Photography Award. An excellent image that demonstrates that the game was come a long way from its origins in English village greens.

Captured Life

Recording life as it happens is one of the photographers primary goals. Mimi Mollica does it better than most. One might be tempted to think that it’s just luck, but it happens so often that the conclusion must be that skill is involved.

Street Mats

Here’s an interesting mural from Polish street artist NeSpoon that is in Calais, France. Sure looks rather like a doily, but the intricate pattern work that can be seen close up is quite impressive. More of NeSpoon’s work can be found here.