The Grand Design

Film maker Wes Anderson rightly has the reputation for intricately designed movies. The colours, symmetry and sets all come together to give a distinctive visual look. One of Anderson’s key collaborators is Annie Atkins – a graphic designer in charge of all the things made of paper in Anderson’s films. As any Anderson fan would […]

3D Crossing

A local council is trialing a novel approach to pedestrian safety: Crossing markings that look like they’re floating above the road. Cars have been ignoring the more traditional markings on roads so how about trying something that looks like it’s about to fly through the windscreen? Looks good in a photo, but would it really […]

Festive Urbanism

The Festival of Urbanism hits town again with the launch on tonight. With a packed program from the freshest and sharpest thinkers on all things urbanism, the festival is sure to be a hit. Highlights include sessions on planning and the alcohol industry, healthy ageing and a screening of The Eviction on the eviction of […]

Swimming A Mountain

If you’re the montain type, but at the same time long for a swim, then Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio have just the thing. Allowing you to go right to the edge and then swim right off it, the design is just a concept at the moment. It looks a little cold to go for […]

Name That Library

A lot of buildings that make an impact often acquire a name. A new library in Darling Square might be getting the same treatment. Designed by Japanese Architects Kengo Kuma & Associates, the building has attracted such monikers as the nest, a steamer basket or even a Tazzie Devil. Time will tell which one sticks, […]

Star Chairs

There’s all sorts of ways to express your fandom of choice and a this bureau thinks sitting down is a great way to express it. Star Wars has never been backward in coming forward to offer some manic merch and designer Kenneth Cobonpue has just the thing for those looking to combine fandom and household […]