Shot City

Urban-scape photographer, Yoshiyuki Yatsuda has released a series of prints ready for your wall. Available via Fubiz Prints, the photos feature serene and stark views of the cityscapes through out Japan. See more of the photographer’s work here.

From Above

This bureau’s favourite style of photography is converting the natural to look abstract. Swedish photographer Tobias Hogg does just that with his ocean aerial photography. With his camera perched high above the ground, his photos of the earth below look other worldly. See more of his work here.

Dracula’s Chair

For those that want to up their Zoom game, how about a chair inspired by Dracula’s collar? The chair is inspired by the collar of Bela Lugosi’s portrayal of the famous vampire. If nothing else it should ensure that other people will be mesmerised by your presence.

Got Your Back

Virtual meetings are now the norm so why not make them look good while doing it? There are lots of good ones around, but there’s some particular favourites such as stills from a Wes Anderson film. Another favourite for this bureau is pictures from the interior of the TARDIS from Doctor Who. For whatever image […]

Rust Photography

There’s a certain melancholy in modern small towns. Photographer Kyle Thompson captures that feeling beautifully. The glory days look long gone and there’s more rust than growth. Thompson is also into more staged photography for a more abstract look.