Whale of a Design

The Australian Center for Underwater Discovery has come up with the rather straight forward idea of building an aquarium that looks like a whale. Wanting to be close to nature bother physically – it’s right near the water – and conceptually – it’s the aforementioned white shape – the design leaves you no doubt about […]

Wet Image

The British Underwater Photographer of the Year was recently announced and there’s some great images. These photographers have been getting wet behind the ears to show some fantastic shots.

See That Saw

Borderwalls are a blight on the landcape and anything that can improve their look is more than welcome when just tearing them down is not an option. The Teeter Totter Wall project by Rael San Fratello and the Colectivo Chopeke was a wonderful temporary project to subvert the physical and political ugliness of a border […]

Take The Shot

Steve Brazill is a photographer who is best known for his live performance work. What stands out about his work is his ability to capture the moment. It’s not just about where to point the camera, it’s about when to point it. How does he do it? Well let’s hear from the man himself.