Seeing Insight

LensCulture, a resource for discovering new contemporary photography, has produced a handy collection of guides for the budding photographer. Numbering six in all they’re aimed at the photographer who has got the hang of the basics and wants to take their photography to the next level. From portraiture to street photography, from career building to […]

The Poetry of Normal Life

Photographer Robert Frank is most renowned for his photographs of Americans in their daily life. A selection of his photos were compiled into the book, The Americans, which became hugely influential. It is in their capture of the ordinary that makes them so extraordinary. Frank passed away last September, but he will be long rememberd […]

Bend The Sky

Photographer, Aydın Büyüktaş, looks like he watched Inception very closely indeed with his computer modified images. Inspired by Edwin A Abbot’s Flatland, the dizzying result would do Dr Strange proud. See more on his social media pages.

View From The Sky

Photographer Joshua J. Smith, likes to work on the broadest canvas as possible examining the vastness of nature. Taking his camera-ladened drone to the air, he reveals the patterns in the land. He’s at his most interesting when his images take on an almost abstract feel and start to look like paintings. See more on […]

Courting A New Design

The Brooklyn Nets court design was a favourite among basketball fans. However it was due a refresh and the franchise commissed an updated look. Looking good on television was a factor as well as staying in the hearts of fans. After a long process and a few iterations, the final design is distinctive, evocative of […]

Drone’s Eye View

UK Photographer siblings, JP and Mike Andrews packed their bags with cameras and drones to head to Australia and picked up some fantastic aerial shots. Pick up a print at a very reasonable price from their website.

Hunker In A Bunker

Building design is not just about fine homes and public buildings. Sometimes it’s about war. Designers like to take cues from the surroundings so what better way to do that than blending into the environment so you can’t see it any more. Let’s take a look at some inventive designed bunkers. This one takes the […]