Getting Way Out

There’s a lot less opportunity for travelling about at the moment so we have to make use of photography from others back when it was possible to move around. The Landscape Photographer of the Year collects the best there is in the world that is far beyond the four walls that many people are now […]

Well Designed On Design

Now is the time to embrace you’re inner nerd because there’s no-one around to see you anyway. So if you like to geek out on architectural history then SAH Archipedia is just perfect for you. From mimetic and programmatic architecture in America to women and Delaware architecture, this site has all your architectural needs taken […]

Light and Leitner

German photographer, Max Leitner teamed up with urban gymnast Benni Grams to produce a series of photos that look quite suitable for our current empty warped world. There seems to be a lot of use of forced perspectives and flipping the camera upside down to great effect. See more of Leitner’s work on Instagram.

Significant Symbolism

According to the Japanese Prime Minister, the Tokyo Olympics are still planned to go ahead despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Part of that planning process is the design of the event pictograms. The designs are what you would expect: simple, elegant and functional. They come in a variety of colours and will have free type and […]

Go For Pro

As has been mentioned previously on this blog, this bureau is a big fan of stretching the capabilities of phones to do professional work. In the realm of photography that usually means an advanced camera app and an excellent example of that is Moment. From shooting RAW to split focus, motion blur to slow shutter, […]

Shoot The Truth

Dmitry Markov is a photographer who likes to stretch the capabilities of his phone’s camera. He captures moments of a people who look weary, but resilient. He proves that the humblest of camera can produce extraordinary images. He is a master of searching out those exceptional moments that make for a timeless composition. He finds […]

Walk In My Wheels

The Carv Collective designed walking bike looks like one of those vehicles designed for Star Wars Despite its ungainly look it does seem to have a reasonably smooth ride as exemplified in this video. Although I don’t think it would look so good on uneven surfaces. What it does seem to look good for is […]