Distanced Mazes

Outdoor activities have been a great option for the lockdown lifestyle even though distancing isn’t quite ideal. Studio Precht from Austria have come up with a concept to make sure visitors are appropriately distanced from each other. There do seem to be a couple of dead ends, but the park concept is designed for people […]

Sharaan Rock City

Everybody’s favourite city carved into the side of a stone mountain is of course Petra. That city is now centuries old, so it’s time for an update to the concept. Enter designer, Jean Nouvel. The site of this design is Sharaan Nature Reserve in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. Expect to see this hopefully by the end […]

Wellness Design

Design That Matters is a design firm focused on best practice for poor communities and the developing world. They like to work quickly on small scale projects with an emphasis on benefiting millions. Producing products like premature baby incubators and face masks their designs aim for simple effectiveness.

Sudsy Photos

Foam magazine‘s new talent showcase, Foam Talent is back once again for a fifth year. Giving an opportunity for new visual artists is really important and Foam curates a great range of artists. Foam magazine is always worth a look and you can find the full magazine over at issuu.