A Life For Design

Salone del Mobile has hit the design calendar once more with all the latest and greatest in the world of design. Bulgari turned heads with it’s installation taking up around 1,000 square metres while Versace Home’s exhibit looked delightfully retro futuristic resplendent in it’s aqua colour scheme. German art school juggernaut, Bauhaus also celebrated it’s […]

Your New Type

Monotype has announced the Helvetica Now typeface, a new family of fonts of the iconic character set design. It’s first redesign in 35 years, it’s sure to grace the minimalist minded all over the world where ever you find something spelled out.

Design Bugs

Insects may or may not be the future of the world’s diet, but what they’ve done already is inspire the design of eating venues. Located near Gujeol-ri station in South Korea, this design makes inventive use of what looks like a couple of converted train carriages. Inscents have a nutty flavour which is fitting because […]

Literal Interpretation

In a triumph of let’s-take-the-first-idea-in-our-head-and-go-with-it, The Kansas City Library in Kansas City, Missouri pulled off what I’m sure many a young reader would love to do. The library has been around sine 1873 while the Community Bookshelf, as the facade is know, was built in 2004. The library’s trustees selected the 22 represented books after […]