Balanced Celebration

This time of year leads to debate on how to celebrate Australia Day. Do you see it as a celebration of a nation or the survival of a people? An event that is leaning towards the latter while still being a celebration is Yabun. A festival occurring in Sydney on Australia Day. Yabun means music […]

Good Guide

Monocle magazine has created new editions of some of its excellent travel guides. Bureau favourite, Monocle has done a great job at producing travel guides for 39 locations around the world. However cities are dynamic and so are forever changing. This requires updates and Monocle has risen to the occasion with new editions for four […]

All Up in the Air

Uber and Hyundai have announced a partnership to build a flying car service. Looks slick! Also looks rather useless. The final product may or may not look like as pictured, but whatever its form, its a bad idea. It looks to be a dreadful waste of energy to power a flying car. Research and investment […]

Unstranslatable Travel

Hearing the words, ‘It’s untranslatable,’ can be a tad frustrating to hear when you’re looking for an explanation, but investigating those words can make you appreciate another country that you’re visiting. The Dutch’s, ‘voorpret,’ is all about the excitement of going to visit other countries including the Netherlands. If you don’t understand the Italian’s, ‘sprezzatura,’ […]

Rock and Reading

Having last month featured The Who’s Pete Townshend autobiography, he now has a new book out now. This time it’s a novel. The Age of Anxiety is said to be a, ‘magnum opus that would combine opera, art installation and novel.’ That’s an ambitious undertaking, but Townshend is no stranger than that. Townshend has long […]