Eyes On Masks

While iPhone’s Face ID was a great addition for those that felt typing in a pass code was far too arduous, the wearing of masks made the feature un-usable and there wasn’t a Touch ID option available on the Face ID phones. Well a solution is coming that will allow the Apple Watch to carry […]

An Apple Argument A Day

Tim Cook recently released a video on privacy. It’s a very formal looking Cook. It’s been a while a head of a tech film fronted to the public in a suit (outside of a Senate Committee Hearing). His serious looks carries a serious message. He fires a shot across the bough of the, ‘data industrial […]

The End of an Amazon

The announcement of Jeff Besos moving to a slightly further back seat at Amazon is big news. He founded his company and fostered it to be one of the Big Four tech companies of the world. A fair chunk of the internet relies on Amazon’s services. He has faced serious questions about his labour practices, […]

Expand Your Tech World

For the tech and world curious there might be an interest in seeing how the rest of the world uses gadgets and other tech. The site, Rest of World does just that. Providing news and long form reading, it provides a fresh perspective on a well worn beat. It informs the reader on tech they […]