Eating Yourself

Solitary Gourmet is the manga series that is a global phenomenon. The series started as a modest comic about a salary man’s personal culniary experiences in between work appointments and grew in popularity after a tv series was produced. There’s even various soundtracks to the tv series to provide a music backing to all those […]

Keep Them Plumbing For More

Keeping those more private parts of your body clean and hygienic can be sometimes a tad awkward and not a problem that’s easily flushed away. A flowing solution to this is a bidet, but they can be expensive and some bathrooms may not have the space. There’s also the blocking issue when you’re somewhere other […]

Eye On Your Pod

Spotify has been hosting podcasts for a number of years and has now announced a suite of reports for podcast producers. This may raise some concerns with privacy advocates, but it does addess a gap in knowledge that podcasters have compared to websites and apps. Some Podcasters make up this gap with listener surveys which […]

On Tap There Is Truth

Wine has left the cork behind while still maintaining the use of a bottle – the occasional cask notwithstanding. However, another trend is challenging the bottle. The tap. Wine on tap. There’s cost benefits for bars and other venues and there’s an argument to be had that there is an integrity to the method where […]

Well Well Well

Gwyneth Paltrow apparently didn’t know that Samuel L Jackson was in the MCU – one of the most popular series of films the world has ever seen. Perhaps she’s been spending too much time on being well.

Being Kept in the Dark

Keeping the window shades up during take off and landing is a fairly understandable position for an airline to take. It allows for passengers to see what’s going outside during the most risky activity on a flight – take off and landing. During long haul flights when sleep is the paramount consideration, the blinds then […]

Rising to the Task

Now a much loved painting style, impressionism was initially maligned with the term itself coming from a satirical review from Louis Leroy after seeing Monet’s Impression, Sunrise. The now famed work has been exhibiting in Canberra along with some of the artist’s famous lily works. Various styles of the arts feature under appreciated artists that […]