Good Use of the Feet

Earlier this year cricket great Michael Holding criticised the Australian and English teams not taking the knee to mark support of the Black Lives Matter campaign – and rightly so. To make amends, the Australian team, have decided to make a slightly different gesture. The international and domestic, mens and women teams will form a […]

Konfekt Comes

Konfekt magazine from the same publisher as Monocle Magazine is coming out soon. Set to be packed full of great tips on drinking, dining and travel, this bureau is looking forward to the first issue that’s available for pre-order now.

More Reeding

This bureau is a fan of RSS feeds. They are exactly what you want and nothing more for your news needs. Popular RSS feeds app, Reeder has recently released version 5. The feature that appeals most is integration with iCloud Read Later. Those articles that were marked to read later and have been forgotten about? […]

This Could All Change

A special Edits post today rather than the usual Wednesday to point out this piece from the Wall Street Journal. Not a paper that is exactly renowned for its left wing views. It’s from William McRaven, a retired Navy admiral, who was commander of U.S. Special Operations Command, 2011-14.