Reused Breathing

One of the many negatives about the current pandemic is that recycling culture has gone out the window. One of the many items that are now being used once and thrown away are the surgical masks that many are wearing. Can anything be done about that? Yes. It’s a UV mask that includes a passive […]

The Psychological Battle

There’s already been a lot of tips for working at home for those that are lucky enough to be able to do it. Here’s some that have worked in this bureau: Have a structure and routine: Get up at the same time, get to and from work routines. Get out of the house: Be it […]

See The Same Cable

The ubiquity of the USB connection is set to continue in the future with the European parliament voting to insist on a standard charging cable. Apple will likely resist this directive, but the change to a universal cable would be welcome.

What You Do Matters

If you want your reaction to BLM to go beyond a hashtag and reflective melodramatic posts on social media then take a look at Black Lives Matters Carrd. Full of practical ideas, suggestions and learning resources it will send you well on your way to make those small, but important steps towards justice.