Playing On With The Words Of Love

Everyone has to adapt with social distancing including celebrities. While there have been some missteps, a good example is Sir Patrick Stewart reading one of Shakespeare’s sonnets per day. Sir Patrick has a long history with Shakespeare having been a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company before he found international fame with Star Trek: The […]

Listen Up

It’s well known that COVID-19 is badly effecting the music industry. Hip-hop performer Kira Puru has challenged Australian radio stations to play more local music. Her sentiment is admirable, but a better solution is to support other online campaigns and buy music via services like Bandcamp no matter where they are in the world. The […]

Listening Disastertunity

What to do at home now that everybody is stuck there will be a question many are now asking. One suggestion is to catch up on all those podcasts that have been on the To Listen To lists. For podcasts actually about the COVID-19 please listen to one that is a credible source. If they’re […]

Reading A Face

Junk media juggernaut Facebook has a many storied past that could clog your timeline for weeks on end. Finding out the behind the scenes story is Steven Levy with his book Facebook: The Inside Story. Facebook is such a significant organisation that users deserve to know what goes on in the organisation. This book will […]

No Time To Be Sick

The coronavirus saga continues unabated despite governments’ best efforts. It’s now effecting pop culture with art fairs cancelled, withdrawals from major festivals, movie release postponements and sporting matches played with no audience. This however hasn’t stopped an attempt at a sporting milestone. The womens cricket T20 World Cup final is scheduled to be on Melbourne. […]

No News Is Bad News

Recent reports of the closure of the news service Austrailan Associated Press (AAP) is a sad moment in the history of journalism and other news gathering. Established in 1935, AAP provided breaking news as well as photographs and other soft news filings. It blamed the prevelence of free news services on the internet for its […]

Look It Up

The glory days of the internet have long gone. It’s now all about large corporations getting your data. One of the few organisations that still has maintained the ideals of the early web is Wikipedia. Richard Cooke from Wired magazine has penned a fitting tribute to the website looking at its ideals and how its […]