Shady Maps

While your typical aborists will find this professionally useful, the rest of us will firmly file this under the fascinating time waster. It’s the New York City Street Tree Map. As it says on the label, it’s a map of every tree in New York City. Featuring nearly 700,000 trees, the map has been used […]

Drink To This

Going to a bar isn’t usually associated with improving your brain, but if Raising The Bar has anything to do with it, going to a bar will soon be associated with enriching your grey matter. Raising The Bar is a group that sets out educate and inform on a range of issues like health, politics […]


The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven great wonders of the natural world with the tourist numbers to match. Despite the large number of visitors, a little seen phenomena at the reef is the spawning when the coral releases gamets into the ocean so they can reproduce. Occuring according to lunar cycles and […]

Winning By A Nose

In a classic small triumphing over big, a facial recognition system has been defeated – by a nose job. While this may be a small victory against survelliance capitalism, it did cause the woman in question quite the inconvenience. Payment gateways and identification processes failed to work properly. For those willing to put up with […]

Schedule Different

Apple announced a new line of phones, watches and other associated products with its usual fanfare. For those that want to hang on to their phones a little longer, of more interest is the updates to operating systems and the promise of new features. Mac Stories have a handy break down of what is coming […]

Social Media Needs an Editor

This bureau is on record for not being a fan of social media and even calls it Junk Media. But instead of just complaining a solution needs to be offered. That solution stems from the dictum, Every writer needs an editor. Whether it be an actual person or some sort of automated process the world’s […]