Unstranslatable Travel

Hearing the words, ‘It’s untranslatable,’ can be a tad frustrating to hear when you’re looking for an explanation, but investigating those words can make you appreciate another country that you’re visiting. The Dutch’s, ‘voorpret,’ is all about the excitement of going to visit other countries including the Netherlands. If you don’t understand the Italian’s, ‘sprezzatura,’ […]

Rock and Reading

Having last month featured The Who’s Pete Townshend autobiography, he now has a new book out now. This time it’s a novel. The Age of Anxiety is said to be a, ‘magnum opus that would combine opera, art installation and novel.’ That’s an ambitious undertaking, but Townshend is no stranger than that. Townshend has long […]

A Page Turner of a Library

The Livraria Lello is one of the most impressive book shops in the world. Not because of its collection of books, but because of its design. Located in Porto Portugal, the store was opened in 1904 and designed by Francisco Xavier Esteves. The store has been so popular that they charge admission. That can go […]

Reading The Watchers

The Watchmen has returned to screens ten years after its big screen sibling in the form of a new tv series. Not really a sequel, the mood in the room about the new tv series has generally been positive. Hopes will be it will be better than the uneven and overblown movie version. So this […]

Vinyl’s Back

Vinyl’s steady comeback – like the rock stars that sing on them – has been a nostalgia fest. A recent feat by pop veteran, Kylie Minogue exemplifies this with her latest greatest hits repackage going to number 1 in Australia thanks primarily to its vinyl sales. With streaming dominating the musical landscape, it takes only […]

Shady Maps

While your typical aborists will find this professionally useful, the rest of us will firmly file this under the fascinating time waster. It’s the New York City Street Tree Map. As it says on the label, it’s a map of every tree in New York City. Featuring nearly 700,000 trees, the map has been used […]