The Battle for Cinema

Spiderman’s Tom Holland has responded to Martin Scorsese’s criticism of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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The Marvel films aren’t as good as their box office billions suggest, but there is cinema art in those productions.

Some of the films fall flat sure – perhaps failing more often than not – but there is thought there. There’s too much talent in the production – they can’t help themselves.

There’s also the fact that movie serials during the golden age of cinema have a lot in common with Marvel’s cultural juggernaut.

Reblog: Guinness World Record Day 2021 — daneelyunus

Introduction – Guinness World Day is observed on November 17 in the year 2021 to honor all the world records set so far that motivate people to continue breaking records. The Guinness World Record or G.W.R is a book, which contains records across the world and is a resource to check facts and find the […]

Guinness World Record Day 2021 — daneelyunus

Record Keeping

The Guinness World Records is an institution that has been around since 1955. But it has remained nimble and even dropped the word, ‘book,’ from its moniker in the rather early year of 1999 in an act of adaptation to the then burgeoning internet.

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The organisation now keeps a whole range of records that makes a fun read.

It’s also a nice little last minute festive gift.