Freedom Radio

News coming in that Radio Free Europe is reopening in Hungary. That’s welcome, but also disturbing that it’s required. Perhaps there could be an increased demand for Radio Free Asia as well given what has happened recently.

Acceptable Apology

Apologies for past misdeeds are often awkward or even denied. Singer, David Byrne has shown how it’s done. After appearing in black face for part of the Stop Making Sense film, an interviewer raised the subject. Byrne was contrite and genuinely apologetic. We could use, and do more of that.

Core War

The court battle between Apple and Epic Games comes down to one crucial decision. It comes down to what the court considers to be the market before the court. If it’s something close to, the iOS app market, then Apple could be in trouble. If if it’s something closer to, the phone market, then Epic […]

Caught The Same Way

With cases of the common cold way down due the lockdown this bureau wonders about the implications if someone catches the common cold during this time. If the way that someone catches the common cold and covid-19 are roughly similar, then when someone catches a common cold it seems to suggest that their behaviour is […]

Popped Up Books

With New Zealand forcing themselves back in lockdown, New Zealanders will be back to less social activities for the next few days (weeks?). For the well read, that means more reading and Wellington Library has opened up their pop up library that will be perfect for this. The initiative was originally to build resilience against […]