Triple App

A few years ago radio station Triple J’s app was revamped and streamlined. While it benefited from a fresh and sharp look, it unfortunately lost its on-demand features. Well now they’re back. With full programs from Triple J and sister station Double J, there’s also Unearthed programs to discover the cutting edge of emerging music. […]

Return to the Rock

The Stephen King universe (or KINGdom if you would like) inspired tv series Castle Rock returns for a second series. The J.J. Abrams headed series this time features one of Stephen King’s most iconic characters: Annie Wilkes. The character who would nurse to health – and then terrorise – an injured author. While we look […]

Live for Live

With little to no money being made from recorded music, musicians have been drawn to live performance as it’s rather difficult to download a performance onto your phone – especially if you want to also have the couple to a couple of hundred thousand people to add to the atmosphere. This has also meant that […]

Good Reception

The Antenna Film Festival is once again coming up soon with it’s usual excellent curation of documentary films. A festival highlight is the Werner Herzog directed, Nomad while our self obsessions are explored in Selfie. Many of the films include Q&As and there’s even a chance to dance to with the band Strange Tenants putting […]

The Music King

Radio station TripleJ only half jokingly calls Richard Kingsmill, The King. A veteran of radio he has had a huge influence over the music industry for decades. His primary influence has been as musical director and host of a new music show named simply after the year that it’s been released. So he’s currently on […]

Another Great Alexander

Brisbane-born Kita Alexander is a singer songwriter who knows her way around a pop tune. She’s just released a new track called Between You and I. After a couple of hits in the past few years, this radio-ready, steady streamer is set to be just as much of a success if not more.

The Pop You Don’t Stop

Age shall not weary Iggy Pop. Pop has always been a captivating dynamic performer ever since he’s days with The Stooges. Yet he also had a somewhat unsustainable lifestyle and those who saw him in the 1960s probably didn’t think he’ll still be at it 50 years later. He’s proved doubters very wrong as exemplified […]