Killer Movie

Assassins is a documentary from director Ryan White on the assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un’s half brother Kim Jong-Nam. This is a fascinating insight into the elaborate lengths Jong-Un will go to to get what he wants up to and including setting up two women to murder someone and make it look like […]

Destroy You In Paris

As in their want, he Golden Globes have caused a stir once again with the nomination omission for I May Destroy You and the inexplicable inclusion of Emily in Paris. The absurdity of all this had even prompted one of the writers of Emily in Paris to write about the absurdity of all this. Now […]

Tracking Movies

Letterboxd is a nice little niche social tool to record the films that have been watched. With a clean interface and non-intrusive social tools, it makes a nice diary of cinema or at home watching. Something to add to the wishlist.

History and Casting

A number of historical television series feature racially diverse casts playing characters that were in reality white. So why do that? Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda has said that he used a racially diverse cast because it evolved out of seeing political debates during the time of the founding fathers were like rap battles. Other […]


Marvel has released some on screen content for the first time in a while with Wandavision. With the money that’s been rolling in for the Marvel studio it does have some leeway to experiment, but boy oh boy have they taken a sharp left turn with this one. There’s references a plenty not just for […]