Hard Ask

Movie director, Spike Lee has never shied away from difficult subject matters. So perhaps it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that he as decided to stand up straight to take on the task to make a film about Viagra. Not only that, but it’s going to be a manly musical. Guess that when […]

Let It Prevail

It may seem a little odd that late night tv chat show hosts are important political commentators, but that’s exactly the situation that has joined the long a varied characteristics of the US. At the time of writing it is not confirmed who will be the next president. Attention is on the incumbent with many […]

Documentary Style

Big weekend of TV for this Halloween period. The first is the return of The Mandalorian, but there’s already plenty enough coverage of that. Instead let’s point out the new documentary on mid 80s pop soul jazz outfit (in more ways that one) The Style Council, Long Hot Summers. The story of the front man […]

Hear That Sound Again

Great to hear that ABC TV’s The Sound is coming back for a second season. The highlight of the live music series is the performance of artists in unusual surroundings – unusually empty as compared to how they look when the artists usually perform. While this bureau had a preference for the similar, but younger […]