The Authenticity Hurts

Music critic Everett True posted a scholarly article on authenticity in popular music and the criticism of the music. In short, he reasons that there’s a load of mythology tied around the concept of authenticity. Lin-Manuel Miranda, writing for The Atlantic, offers a key characteristic: Tell the truth. In an, I-know-it-when-I-see-it example, here’s a good […]

Success and You

In good music news, singer / songwriter, Toni Watson, aka Tones and I, has come from nowhere to be absolutely enormous with her track, Dance Monkey, becoming a hit the world over. Released in May 2019, the song was quietly released to the world, was first picked by local radio stations and then went viral […]

Watching For Listening

Musican and producer Rick Beato has an insightful YouTube channel on all aspects of music making. First he has his click bait ready and shareable top 20 lists. Then there’s his analysis videos on what makes a song great. There’s also his music theory videos for the budding musician. And then the occasional confession. His […]

From, Forever, to, I Think I’m Late

Perth band, San Cisco have been renowned for their party starting singalongs with theatres full of fresh faced fans singing at the top of their voices every word to their songs. For their new track however, they’ve continued the expansion of their sound into more mature territory since their last album The Water. The new […]

Jazz Is Being Served

The Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival is coming up with the Lakecia Benjamin quartet headlining the festival. There’s plenty of other great musicians in the festival with Anna Setton, Veronica Swift and local favourites The Queen Porter Stomp also playing during the two week festival. There will also be jam sessions and workshops in various […]

Where’s It At.

The 50th anniversary release of The Beatles’ Abbey Road sent off a flurry of people to head to the famous pedestrian crossing to get their photo taken. But for those that are not able to make it to the studio in St John’s Wood there’s another way to to visit the famous location: Google Streetview. […]