The Pale Batch

Eyebrows have been raised over the characters in the new Star Wars: The Bad Batch and their skin tones. As they’ve taken centre stage they just seem that little bit more pale. The evidence does seem to be there on the screen so one it will be interesting to see how the show’s producers respond […]

For All TV Viewers

Apple TV Plus series For All Mankind has just wrapped up its second season and this is a good as place as any to get into the series. The series started in the 1960s with the premise that the Soviets got to the moon first and the implications of that event on the space race […]

Ramadan TV

The coming of Ramadan doesn’t just mean a time for spiritual reflection, it’s also a big time for TV producers with a number of series launched during the time period. New series cover genres such as office comedies, historical dramas and mysteries with ratings set to be a feast. You can be assured that advertisers […]

Promotion Intelligente

The Alliance Francaise French Film Festival in Australia is starting to hit the home straight with encore screenings now occurring of the most popular films of the festival. Festivals usually have only one or two screenings for each film, but the Alliance takes a slightly different approach with up to 10 to 15 screenings of […]