More Listening

Following last week’s report on Tim Burgess’ Twitter Listening Party, the popularity of the online events continues to surge. It’s now extending to other areas with The 1975 planning their own listening party for their debut album. It’s a great format that brings the makers and the listeners together to gain new insights into the […]

Get What You Can Take

The Take is a YouTube channel dedicated to the analysis of film and television. Breaking down your favourite shows, The Take provides a thoughtful analysis of character, theme and plot. Recent videos have concentrated on the different types of female characters that are seen in film – The female tropes of cinema. This channel really […]

The Listening Party

To fill in the time, singer of UK band, The Charlatans, Tim Burgess, has organised album listening parties on Twitter. Selecting an album, Burgess then recruits some people involved in the creation of the album to discuss its creation. It’s an excellent initiative providing new insights and appreciation into classic and under the radar albums.

Drive Home

All sorts of sporting events have been cancelled recently, but life goes on with various sporting bodies organising computer game equivalents. That includes the Australian Supercar series and there’s been plenty of virtual carnage. Catch entire races on YouTube, other social platforms and even network television.


Coachella is one of the many music events to be cancelled this year. The silver lining for that jacket is that a documentary is coming soon showing the best of the last twenty years of the legendary festival. To get a taste of the film, here’s a performance from kpop superstars, BlackPink. The documentary starts […]

Soundtrack to Nothing

Managing the effects of sitting around the home can be quite the challenge. A meditative soundtrack can go a long way to help alleviate the stress of being locked up all day. Cheesy Nirvosa provides just that with a selection of soundscapes lasting sometimes up to twelve hours. Cheesy Nirvosa likes to describe himself as, […]