On Her Secret Service

With Dr Who, the Ghostbusters (and perhaps Thor) exloring genders anew, another will be joining in the party. The new 007 will (wisely) not be a new Bond, but it is a welcome shake up of the most male of franchises. The biggest reaction seems to be coming from those of distasteful views on race […]

Festivities Are Coming

The Manchester International Festival opened with a packed program of cultural events to fill out the city’s summer. Opening the festival was Yoko Ono’s Bells For Peace, a gathering of festival goers with bells that were rung in the name of unity and peace. The festival continues for the next 19 days with plenty events […]

Praise On Yourself

Singer/songwriter Alex Lahey seems to have mastered the art of the simple straight ahead rock song. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself is a good example of what you’re likely to hear from her album The Best Of Luck Club that was released earlier this year. Currently touring, catch Lahey when she hits your town.

Lok On Target

Music producer, Pat Lok hails from Canada and has quickly become a bureau favourite. The glossy beats range from down tempo to more dance friendly tracks. The overall feel is laid back, but that can quickly change if the listener makes the appropriate adjustment to the volume controls. The new EP, Corazón, is already on […]

More Healing Tears

Following up on my recent post on Tear For Fears revivalism, here’s yet another cover from the 80s stalwarts. W Hotels Worldwide has rather inexplicably a record label that releases music called W Records. A recent product of this venture is the rather tastily named, Japanese Breakfast with their version of Head Over Heels. If […]

Showing Their Smarts

High school comedies can be a hit and miss affair, but a hit has turned up with Booksmart. Featuring a sharp, witty script and a refreshing looking cast, this film ensures a fun night at the cinema or your favourite streaming service. A great feature to the film is its soundtrack. Compiled by Dan The […]

Behind The Work Is Work

FKA Twigs is a rather awkward name for an artist. But what she lacks in name catchiness, she more than makes up for in talent. Appearing at The VIVID festival this weekend, Twigs has been busy at work preparing for the performance. Very busy indeed. All of this hard work is detailed in the behind […]