Fashionable Impermanence

Tattooing is so ubiquitous that for the next generation, not getting a tattoo will be an act of rebellion. Whether tattooing goes out of style remains to be seen, but the style of tattoo one may get is definitely subject to trend and popularity already. Which leaves the wearer at risk of looking out of […]

Wear It Again

Provenance of clothes is becoming of increasing importance to clothes buyers, but it doesn’t have to mean a sacrifice to quality. Everlane is on the case with high quality cashmere sweaters that are made of high quality recycled cashmere. The sweaters are made from a combination of new and recycled materials including Italian yearn of […]

Worn Out To Wear Out

Retailer John Henric has the changing seasons in mind with a curious looking knitted blazer. Looking perfect for those cooler days and evenings, it can also be worn for a smart casual look when paired with a shirt and tie. One has to wonder though, would it survive a season or two. Would it maintain […]

Short and Sweet

A$AP Rocky seems to be kicking goals with his shorts look. So should mere mortal men be following this look. Short answer: No, probably not. While a casual look might be gotten away with. This look can go astray when it starts looking like you’re wearing an anorak over light weight pyjamas. And if you’re […]

Thinner Cover

As things warm up in the bureau the jackets start to get a little lighter weighted. Moving from the medium weighted bureau favourite Winscombe jacket, to the light and stylish offering from A Kind of Guise. The jacket is available in the above navy providing the most flexible look or alternatively there’s the slightly different, […]

Blaze Away

An essential part of the travellers’ luggage is that additional layer that’s required when the weather starts to chill down. One of the most versatile options is the Gramercy Blazer from Bluffworks. As sturdy as an ox, but also a sound option for more formal occasions, it’s hard to go wrong with it. Containing lots […]

Suitable For Travel

What to pack is the perennial question for travellers. Once you’ve narrowed it down to the desired clothing, the concern then becomes will the selected items of clothing withstand the rigours of travel? They might withstand the suitcase itself, but will they look like they’ve been trampled by a herd of elephants? Then there’s the […]