Fashion Cycles

Brompton, the company better known for its foldable bicycles, has teamed up with Oliver Spencer to come up with a rather ingenious commuter blazer. What’s so ingenious about that? Well firstly it’s made of a stretchy breathable fabric with reflective trim for cycling visibility. Then the magic happens – it also doubles as an over […]


The wearing of masks has become the look of this viral outbreak. Its usefulness isn’t immediately apparent, but there does seem to be something. Wearing of masks is not recommended by health experts for people in the general population. They should only be worn by confirmed cases and health professionals. Having everyone hoarding them would […]

Sure Footing

For those that want to put their best foot forward in their choice of socks, Fort Belvedere should be a brand to keep in mind. Selecting the right socks isn’t a cakewalk, but this brand will have your feet heading in the right direction. With their over the calf length and hand finish in Egyptian […]

The Height of Fashion

How high should pants go on men? A whole lot higher than they are right now. The rise on modern pants – or lack thereof – leads to all sorts of problems. It elongates the torso. Making even the fittest man look they have a belly reminiscent of E.T.. Conversely they make legs look shorter. […]

Fashionable Impermanence

Tattooing is so ubiquitous that for the next generation, not getting a tattoo will be an act of rebellion. Whether tattooing goes out of style remains to be seen, but the style of tattoo one may get is definitely subject to trend and popularity already. Which leaves the wearer at risk of looking out of […]