Ticket To Dine

In another step towards the light at the end of the tunnel the state government is distributing vouchers for eating out at restaurants and enjoying some entertainment. The scheme is a trial initially, but it is hoped that it is rolled out further in the new year if all goes well. South Australia will have […]

A New 19

Following up on last week’s post about outdoor dining in Sydney, a list of 19 venues have been announced with expanded outdoor facilities. While the weather forecast might have people ducking for cover this coming summer, these measures are still welcome. The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest struck by the pandemic and […]

Get Out

For those that do not need to be in the midst of a lockdown, a key question is working out how to encourage people to emerge from social hibernation. A crowded restaurant may be beyond many people’s anxiety levels so cities like Sydney are going to encourage dining out, by easing restrictions on out door […]

Get What You Pay For

Emirates has announced that there are going to reinstate first and business class services. Well at least you’re getting the service as airlines have been charging passengers those premium prices anyway so they might as well get a premium experience. It’s good news for other reasons as well. It will be employing more people and […]

More For Frequent Eaters

Travel and food often go together as has been recently posted. Qantas and the similarly nomenclatured Quandoo are also getting into the airline – eating partnerships. Quandoo’s restaurant booking service has launched a bonus points offer for Qantas frequent flyers. The money being saved can be quite considerable if one removes the restaurant and travelling […]