Free As In Alcohol Free Beer

Scottish brewery, BrewDog has taken the rather unusual step of opening a bar that sells beer. What’s so unusual about that? It’s 100%, 0% alcohol beer. There’ll be a selection of zero to 0.5% alcohol beers which the company boasts taste just as good as their alcohol-laden brethren. Yet they may have missed a major […]

Travel Light

Any way to alleviate the burden of jet lag is welcome at this bureau. German company Jetlite offers assistance in the form of lighting design for aircraft. Jetlite promises to revitalise and improve performance of the traveller. With this kind of assistance we can rest easy for the next time we have to travel.

Dropping Meals

Font Cafe does something very ordinary in an extraordinary way. On its menu, you will find French toast, but it looks decidedly different at Font. Somewhere under all that is bread. This version of French toast looks like a combination of Andy Bowdy’s gelato servings . . . . . . And Massimo Bottura’s famous […]