Further Light in Tunnel

The previously mentioned food and entertainment vouchers for the New South Wales area are now being distributed. This, along with the vaccine rollout and the promised (fingers crossed) resumption of international flights, Australia has its new normal well within sight.

Food Forage

Website design win of the day goes to More of Something Good’s lunar new year initiative, Secret Snacks. With some help from the Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, this website is defintely a work of art.

Sweet Bank

Shutdowns and Social distancing shouldn’t be a reason for the cake lover to get their just desserts. The Mason Baker knows this and so have set up a cake ATM. So if the craving sweets aficionado wants a fix while maintaining an appropriate distance from everyone else, Mason Baker can provide that vital withdrawal.

Coke Adds Caffeine

That behometh of marketing that is Coca-Cola has increased the distribution of Coke with coffee. If filling the drinker with high doses of sugar isn’t enough, Coke is going to add some caffiene to the high amount that’s in there already. Gives the shakes just thinking about it.