High Flying Drinks

Qantas is offering for sale its catering carts from its recently retired 747 fleet. The pleasant bonus is that the drink carts actually do come with drinks. With the airline in a spot of bother at the moment, they are looking to get inventive about how they can actually raise some revenue. They’re also looking […]

The Limping Kangaroo

There’s not a lot of blue sky thinking at Qantas at the moment with reports that they are investigating the option to relocate and downsize its operations. The search for options is a reflection that Qantas does not see a rosy near term future for the airline industry. It is ramping up its campaign to […]

Come Dine With Me

As not many people are flying, not many airlines aren’t flying either. So airlines have had to come up with some alternative sources of income. This one is more to do with the caterers, Thai Airways has started up a side hustle with an aircraft themed restaurant. Styled with aircraft parts and paraphernalia, the restaurant […]

Dukkah Dazzler

This bureau hasn’t shared a recipe before, but this one proved such a hit that it was decided to share. Coming from Marleyspoon, it’s so easy that it ought to be considered cheating. Dukkah-Crusted Haloumi with Greek Chickpea and Olive Salad Ingredients: pitted kalamata olives chickpeas dukkah spice blend haloumi shallot tomato Lebanese cucumber red […]