Fine Homing

Fans of fine dining are missing out – apart from everything else – on those fine dining experiences because of the virus-induced restaurant restrictions. As a way to stay in business, those restaurants are thinking outside the box and delivering in a box some of those fine foods to your home. Restaurants like Sixpenny are […]

Home Cooked

The restaurant and hospitality industries are taking a heavy toll during these viral times. Restaurants are often seen as cultural sign posts for a community, but the real expression of food culture is in the home. Now that large swathes of people are staying away from restaurants and cooking at home instead, genuine expressions of […]

Food Bonds

The COVID-19 virus is hitting the arts and hospitality industry particularly hard. Fresh thinking is required and PR team have come up with just that with a scheme called Dining Bonds. The brain child of PR team Helen Patrikis and Steven Hall, it’s a pay now dine later scheme that allows restaurants some much needed […]

Travel Sick

The current US Administration has shown a history of this in the past so it should come as no surprise that they are to extend a ban to Europe due to COVID-19. It’s an extraordinary step and some feel it will not work, but these kind of actions seem to be more about slowing down […]

To Be Fond of Beer

Little known beer brewer Jane Austen, when not writing classic novels, used to be quite the partial to the amber fluid. Times as they were, getting your favourite beverage just to your liking meant making it yourself. Austen’s perference was for spruce beer and so the Jane Austen Center got to work in developing a […]

Got Your Number

Situated not far from this blog’s bureau is No. 92. Rather obviously named after its address on Glebe Point Road it’s a new place to visit for a night out. The venue is a cafe / wine bar that has been elegantly restored after the venue’s former tenants moved out. The cafe includes an equal […]

Where Are We Going?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released a report on where Australians traveled in 2019. Travel is up 2.2%, but departures are increasing at a decreasing rate having shown over 5% growth in the preceeding two years. With COVID-19 virus still in the forefront of people’s minds, it will be difficult to maintaing these growth […]