Borderline Problem

Victoria’s second round of lockdowns is a blow to Victorians and to those who were hoping to travel to or from the state. And while it’s difficult to feel sympathy to those that have attempted to breach the border closure, it is nevertheless a dispiriting development in the fight against the pandemic. Domestic travel was […]

City Farmer

While travelling to your local supermarket is becoming a little risky another option may be urban farms. Apart from the food itself, they provide a sense of community and achievement as you watch your favourite veggies grow. Places like Camperdown Commons have education events and workshops so you can stay on top of all the […]

Blue Sky Tourism

News of Qantas job losses hit this bureau’s desk today. It’s a sad event especially for the 6,000 people and their families that it effects. On top of that is another 15,000 who have been temporarily stood down. This effect of little travel and tourism has had the positive effect of tourist locations no longer […]

Super Flying Mothballs

The future of the Airbus A380 was already looking bleak and now another nail has been hammered into what is increasingly looking like a coffin. Qantas is reportedly looking to put its superjumbo fleet into long term storage. This may be a step towards their eventual retirement. It’s a big descent from this brief high […]

Added Wings

Travelling overseas is likely very low on most people’s To Do lists at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can not be spending right now for when ever that next flight might be. Airline, Etihad is offering travel vouchers so you can spend now and fly later. Why would you want to do that? […]