Laser Guided Vacuuming

Dyson likes to take the simple approach as so is at it again with its latest turn of its vacuum cleaner. They’ve decided to add lasers. The laser helps you identify where the dust is if the user is unsatisfied with the vague notion that it’s on the ground. The new device also includes an […]

In The Pocket

While everyone waits to get vaccinated, smart vacation options are limited to remote locations such as a lone camping trip. With that in mind, Matador have a handy little one person drop sheet that’s designed just for one. It’s a mini pocket blanket that offers the features of being water repellant, literally pocketable and ultra […]

Platform on Wheels

Electric scooters are being increasingly popular with the main focus being to get a single person from point A to B. Polestar have more in mind with their Re:Move concept. This three-wheeled, cleaner and quieter option would be ideal for some last mile deliveries, just as long as the weather is agreeable. Very large indoor […]

Peak Video

Apart from designing great bags, Peak Design is also renowned for making humorous videos for tips and tricks on how to make the best of their bags. What’s not so humorous is Amazon blatant copying one of Peak Design’s bags. Showing evidence that they haven’t lost their sense of humour, Peak Design responded in the […]