Listening Book

As mentioned previously, one of (the few) good things to come out of the various forms of lock downs has been The Charlatans’ singer Tim Burgess and his listening parties. The success of the concept has spurned a book.

In spirit of his old school aesthetic, the book is only available in hardback.

It’s sure to be a great way to listen to these 100 hundred albums featured in the book. Get more info here.

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How does the Internet Of Things impact us? — nancyrubin

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What is Internet of Things & Big Data? — celsdigitalmarketing

Digital Toast

The internet of things becomes a fragile argument when ever the often replaced is combined with the seldom replaced. Tech can go out of date in a couple of years, while non-tech goods can last a decade or more.

Fridges and even TVs are like this where the internet component can cease support while the core use of the device is still going strong. Another is a toaster where advanced tech is something nobody asked for. Revolution Cooking decided to make one anyway.

Image via

A large LCD display, electronic chimes and conversation starter are all features the toast eater just does not need.

With a list price of $400, this seems to be a device that will be perfect for getting a fool to depart with their money.