Magnetic Power

Apple has added user favourite feature Magsafe to its iPhones and the accessory manufacturers who are keen to get connected to it have been coming thick and fast. A particularly promising one is the external battery pack from Chargefast. Providing a more elegant solution to just a brick connected with a cable or a case […]

On Ballpoint

For those that are still writing with pens one of the finest writing devices to put in the hand comes from Caran d’Ache. The brand produces pens right across the price spectrum from less than $10 all the way up into the hundreds. There are pencils as well for all those sketchy types. This blog […]

Get A Serve

Being a kill joy at a party is not going to win you any friends, but Killjoy Drinks have some excellent and intelligent non-alcoholic drink options once it becomes smart to host parties again. Drinks are divided up into the categories: For the Wine Glass; For the Bar Cart; or Hold In Your Hand. So […]

All the Washing

Not many cricketers turn to making skin care and grooming products, but that’s exactly what former New Zealand player Dion Nash did. He founded Triumph and Disaster – named after a line in a Rudyard Kipling poem – and produces a range of products to spruce up yourself. Blog favourite is the YLF body wash. […]

Wake Up and Work Out

Finding some time and motivation for exercise can often be difficult. To help with that, the Wakeout app provides fun, brief exercise routines to get you moving in the morning. This looks to be a good app to get in the habit of working out. The exercises are modest – there’s no body transformations expected […]