Making Music History

The National Museum of African American Music in Nashville opened recently showing 400 years of music history. As would be expected, there is a diverse range of music represented in the museum. There’s a film presentation, various music paraphernalia and associated music documents. It’s set to be a fine addition to the music loving city […]

Femm Focus

Japanese pop duo Femm is criminally under appreciated so it’s time to take a fresh look. They gained some notorious viral popularity, but a great introductory song is Whiplash. Another great track is the it-says-it-on-the-label, Party All Night. Their latest track keeps things going with Peach. See and hear more on their website.

Whirl World Welcome

Sweet Whirl is a project of multi-instrumentalist Esther Edquist who is known for other projects like Scott and Charlene’s Wedding and Superstar. Her branching out on her own has produced some great results like the album How Music Works. This blog is not the only one who thinks she’s got talent, MPavilion & the Robin […]

The Cheeky 100

Radio station, Triple J’s Hottest 100 for last year was announced on the weekend with Glass Animals’ aptly titled Heat Waves taking top spot. The win in an annual music poll will always be noteworthy for a young band, but this had taken on added significance with the band’s pre-poll pledge of getting tattoos if […]