Summer Lana

Lana Del Rey has always seemed that she looks to a bygone era for inspiration. That’s clearer more than ever with her release of a version of the Gershwin classic, Summertime. The version beautifully captures the lazy vibe of a hot summer. The song is being released as part of a fund raising campaign for […]

A Benee See

Benee is a New Zealander singer who came to some fame with the track Supalonely. She’s recently released a new single appropriately called, Kool. This song is the single release for her album Hey U X which has been recently released.

Save Entertainment

As the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel begins to shine just that little bit brighter, the entertainment industry wants to remind us that it is still in need of urgent help. While a petition was submitted to state parliament, it has still not been heard. They are desperate for help.

Say Yes to Yezi

Back in February Korean hip-hop star Yezi surprised many with her turn at singing a power ballad belter. Now she’s back in more familiar territory return back to her rap style with Mimew. Whether this will be a success remains to me seen. The last effort was admirable, but failed to engage with audiences. Let’s […]

Brand New Retro

Retro computer desktops can have an appeal like 8 bit games. Someone who thinks this, are performers Cat and Calmell who’s recent music video makes use of the aesthetic. Some bits in all eight of their glories.