True North

Anna of the North is the solo project of Anna Lotterud, an Oslo-based Norwegian singer-songwriter. She specialises in a retro 80s style that makes the listener think that they just must have heard that song before.

Despite the all too familar influences, there’s never the less a great pop sensibility going on here. The listen could do much worse than explore more of this.

Repackaged Parcels

Europe-based Australian band, Parcels have released a few remixes of tracks from their Day/Night album.

The EP is simply enough called the Day/Night Remixed.

The track, Reflex has a very 90s feel to it, while Famous has some disco-tastic violins. All the tracks have that unmistakeable groove that is Parcels’ hallmark.

Dance your way to your nearest streaming service to listen to all four tracks from the EP.