Live albums usually involve a big crowd of people to cheer each song, but since that has been challenging over the past 12 months or so, bands have gone down the path of playing in the middle of nowhere instead. The latest band to do that is psych mood rockers Mildlife with Live From Channel Island.

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The album features seven tracks from their studio albums Phase and Automatic. These are two albums well worth a listen in their own right.

Months before a digital release of the album, there’s a very special limited edition 2LP vinyl version that will be out in July.

You So Vision

It’s Eurovision week and the competition is back for another year. Something that used to be a reliably annual event missed last year and so it’s back with a vengence this time.

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The usual razzle dazzle is expected although with a smaller crowd. Host Rotterdam is averaging over 5,000 covid cases per day so a somewhat muted reception is to be expected.

Gatecrashers Australia are phoning in their entry this year. A somewhat handicap for performer Montaigne who is already at long odds to do well in the competition.

Instead it’s Italy, Malta, France and Switzerland providing the favourites while Iceland’s Daoi og Gagnamagnio’s 10 Years is a dark horse tip. No word if a dark horse will actually turn up, but this being Eurovison, it would be foolish to rule that out.