Too Much Too Old

There’s so much in a city that’s it’s impossible to see it all. There can be so much in a single building that even that can be too much to take in and appreciate. The British Museum in London is just such an example. With around eight million works it would take a life time […]

A Better Melrose Place

Melrose and Morgan is a tasty little eatery tucked away on Gloucester Avenue in Primrose Hill. Perfect to walk to on a sunny day, it can refuel you with coffee or a light meal. Also available a novel additions for our pantry including conserves and exotic breads. And if you’ve walked up to Primrose on […]

Will See Wolseley

The Wolseley is an old school European style eatery with excellent breakfasts and good coffee (despite there being no flat whites on the coffee menu). With wonderful finishing and attentive staff ready to hand you the morning’s paper, this is a relaxed way to start your day in London.

In Video

Universal Music has made some dreadful preservation decisions in the past, but an act of preservation that deserves praise was to remaster some of the iconic music videos to put up on YouTube. No doubt that’s a clear sighted decision, but the bureau’s favourite? It has to be this one:

The Nearly Departed

The China Eastern Lounge in bustling Shanghai is ideal for the weary traveller in transit or those passengers catching up on their To Do list before a flight. With food, plenty of seating, automatic massagers and showers, there’s all the facilities the traveller may need.

Brain Food Trucks

Food trucks around the world have been a great success. Books are brain food. So combining the two should be a success. Mobile Libraries had been a staple for several decades, but time caught up with the vans and they are not seen in the streets quite as often as they used to. Paper books […]