Live for Live

With little to no money being made from recorded music, musicians have been drawn to live performance as it’s rather difficult to download a performance onto your phone – especially if you want to also have the couple to a couple of hundred thousand people to add to the atmosphere. This has also meant that […]

Festive Urbanism

The Festival of Urbanism hits town again with the launch on tonight. With a packed program from the freshest and sharpest thinkers on all things urbanism, the festival is sure to be a hit. Highlights include sessions on planning and the alcohol industry, healthy ageing and a screening of The Eviction on the eviction of […]

Date In A Box

Subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular, but they seem too much like an accumulator of junk that would raise a Kondo eyebrow or two. Doing things a little differently is Crated with Love with their Date Night Box. Instead of just accumulating a whole bunch of stuff you don’t need, this box is more occasion […]

Podcast Recap

Television recap podcasts are increasing in popularity and can provide interesting insight to your favourite tv shows. Some are better than others though and some are best avoided. Which to avoid? Well sadly it seems to be the officially sanctioned ones. Unofficial podcasts are still run by fans, but the best podcasters will still criticise […]

Making a Sale

Bricks and mortar retailers continue to struggle as they compete with their online competitors. Physical locations can’t compete on convenience and price so what can they compete on? Curated events and making an occasion of it – An event with like-minded businesses will attract your combined market. Pop up – related to the first one. […]

Sweet Empanada

While Gelato Messina may not win all the rewards, it nevertheless keeps the crowds coming to its yard (And not just because of its milkshakes – although they are good). One of the things that do keep people coming back for more is its colloborations with other restaurants with this month’s partner being The San […]

Social Media Needs an Editor

This bureau is on record for not being a fan of social media and even calls it Junk Media. But instead of just complaining a solution needs to be offered. That solution stems from the dictum, Every writer needs an editor. Whether it be an actual person or some sort of automated process the world’s […]