Food For Thought

Thursdays on this blog are usually reserved for food or travel, but today’s post takes a slight diversion to be taken on the wonderful journey provided by Amanda Gorman. The poem hinted at political ambition. If this recital is anything to go by then the political future is in good words and hands.

Too Big To Exist

Writer and activist Cory Doctorow has a great Twitter thread about social media and its role in society. He highlights the important issue of de-platforming of prominent users. This future of social media should be to cater to niche interests as opposed to something for everyone. The latter is too big that it can cause […]

More Covers Like This

Singer Miiesha recently found herself on the cover of NME Australia. It’s probably fair to say that NME’s glory days are behind it, but one thing you didn’t see much during those said days was a black woman on the cover. There’s glory in the move being corrected now with Miiesha’s appearance. Let’s hope that […]

Bright Idea

Home lighting is usually plugged into an outlet, but battery ones add some flexibility including some interesting outdoor options. Brands like Astep, Purho and Stellar Works produce innovative designs that look at home either inside or outside the home. There’s designs light the way for lighting lovers who like some flexibility with their illumination.