Good Guide

Monocle magazine has created new editions of some of its excellent travel guides. Bureau favourite, Monocle has done a great job at producing travel guides for 39 locations around the world. However cities are dynamic and so are forever changing. This requires updates and Monocle has risen to the occasion with new editions for four […]


Sudan Archives makes inventive use of her violin skills and Sudanese influences to produce a compelling sound. Cincinnati raised and now based in Los Angeles she had a strict upbringing with the only music she was allowed to listen was in a church. A passing performance inspired her to take up the violin and with […]

The Poetry of Normal Life

Photographer Robert Frank is most renowned for his photographs of Americans in their daily life. A selection of his photos were compiled into the book, The Americans, which became hugely influential. It is in their capture of the ordinary that makes them so extraordinary. Frank passed away last September, but he will be long rememberd […]

Wall Games

The art that is hanging on the walls of the home says a lot of the resident. So if said resident has an interest in all things board games why not express that on the walls? Thinking a couple of moves ahead, this oak made set is battle ready for a game of chess as […]

Return Home

Spy thriller series Homeland is returning to screens soon with its eighth season. It’s great to see Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin returning as they wrestle the complexities of international politics in the troubled regions of the world. Another troubled region is Danes’ character Carrie’s own mind as she battles mental illness. It is a […]

Sustainable Victory

Tokyo is hoping that this Olympics will be the greenest ever. It’s an ambitious, but very necessary goal given the accusations of excess that surrounds the Olympics. Medals are to be constructed with recycled materials, some venues from the 1964 Tokyo games are to be reused and all this is to be powered by renewable […]

Free As In Alcohol Free Beer

Scottish brewery, BrewDog has taken the rather unusual step of opening a bar that sells beer. What’s so unusual about that? It’s 100%, 0% alcohol beer. There’ll be a selection of zero to 0.5% alcohol beers which the company boasts taste just as good as their alcohol-laden brethren. Yet they may have missed a major […]