Horror Diet of Resistance

There have been various ways to cope with the pandemic. How about watching horror movies? A study has suggested that horror movie fans are more resilient to the pandemic. I guess the more horrific images you bombard yourself with the more desensitised you will become and then you won’t be so bothered when there’s a […]

Real Unreal

Alex Lysakowski likes to make images that are almost, but not quite totally unlike anything that you will see in a photo. Some are immediately identified as manipulated images. However Alex’s best work are the images that lead you to take a double take. They give an other worldly almost surreal look. You question yourself […]

New Look for an Old Face

Apple had its first in what is expected to be two major product announcements this week. There’s thankfully something at many a price point. Apple this week announced new iPads and watches boasting new looks and internals. The new gear looks to be an as ever solid upgrade from the previous model, but many may […]

The Fall of an Icon

As we mourn the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and contemplate its political implications lets also look at two of her cultural contributions. First the documentary, RBG which led to her have the nickname, The Notorious RBG. Then there was the Hollywood version of her early life story, On The Basis of Sex. As for […]