Dracula’s Chair

For those that want to up their Zoom game, how about a chair inspired by Dracula’s collar? The chair is inspired by the collar of Bela Lugosi’s portrayal of the famous vampire. If nothing else it should ensure that other people will be mesmerised by your presence.

Loot To Boot

The lockdown has led to people looking for new things while at home to maintain some novelty in life. Food subscription services where someone else advises on what to eat is a nice way to get out of your own cooking rut. So that’s good, what about drink? Whisky Loot provides various sample packs of […]

A Purple Stream

The streaming of the excellent Prince and the Revolution concert film from 1985 came and went back in May in a 72 hour flurry of lace and sex. Unless you’re an owner of the DVD, you’re out of luck catching The Purple One at his performing best. Thankfully you can still have your ears entertained […]

This Is Not Going Away

With the world in such a flux, it’s heartening to see there’s some things have remained resilient. Although closing for a few days, the world’s last remaining Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon is still open for business. Practicing social distancing protocols and equipping staff with protective equipment, the store is still allowing in a limited number […]

Blue Sky Tourism

News of Qantas job losses hit this bureau’s desk today. It’s a sad event especially for the 6,000 people and their families that it effects. On top of that is another 15,000 who have been temporarily stood down. This effect of little travel and tourism has had the positive effect of tourist locations no longer […]