Cruise Out of Control

In this rather dismaying news, one of the first cruise ships to restart services because of the pandemic has had passengers test positive. The ship’s size is relative modest with passengers and crew counting a little over a hundred in total. However you only need one passenger to spread it to everyone else which seems […]

Taking a Stand at a Runoff

The Georgia runoff election is looking like it’s going to be crucial for the fate of the US Senate. David Perdue will be facing Jon Ossoff in a decision that is as important as the presidential election. Both candidates’ parties are sure to put their whole weight to the campaign. It’s a vital runoff, but […]

A New 19

Following up on last week’s post about outdoor dining in Sydney, a list of 19 venues have been announced with expanded outdoor facilities. While the weather forecast might have people ducking for cover this coming summer, these measures are still welcome. The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest struck by the pandemic and […]

Konfekt Comes

Konfekt magazine from the same publisher as Monocle Magazine is coming out soon. Set to be packed full of great tips on drinking, dining and travel, this bureau is looking forward to the first issue that’s available for pre-order now.

Save Entertainment

As the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel begins to shine just that little bit brighter, the entertainment industry wants to remind us that it is still in need of urgent help. While a petition was submitted to state parliament, it has still not been heard. They are desperate for help.