Femm Focus

Japanese pop duo Femm is criminally under appreciated so it’s time to take a fresh look. They gained some notorious viral popularity, but a great introductory song is Whiplash. Another great track is the it-says-it-on-the-label, Party All Night. Their latest track keeps things going with Peach. See and hear more on their website.

Wet Image

The British Underwater Photographer of the Year was recently announced and there’s some great images. These photographers have been getting wet behind the ears to show some fantastic shots.

Corduroy Choice

Online clothing retailer, Mr Porter have plenty of high end brands to see, but they also have an in-house brand that’s worth a look. Called Mr P, the label offers this dark grey corduroy jacket which also has some matching pants. It looks to be a nice casual outfit for the transition months.

No Crowd Roars

The news of Japan Olympics head honcho Yoshiro Mori’s resignation – due to rather embarrassing comments – shouldn’t be surprising given his brief tenure of Japan’s prime minister was equally gaffe prone. Adding this to the list of growing problems for the organising committee, the Olympics are in real danger of even occurring. With the […]


Parent have been handing down and passing on children’s clothing for as long as there has been children and clothing. Yet these informal networks can’t always be relied upon so designers ARKET are setting up a clothing rental scheme. ARKET has long taken an interest in sustainable production so this rental offering is another great […]