Food Bonds

The COVID-19 virus is hitting the arts and hospitality industry particularly hard. Fresh thinking is required and PR team have come up with just that with a scheme called Dining Bonds. The brain child of PR team Helen Patrikis and Steven Hall, it’s a pay now dine later scheme that allows restaurants some much needed […]

Listening Disastertunity

What to do at home now that everybody is stuck there will be a question many are now asking. One suggestion is to catch up on all those podcasts that have been on the To Listen To lists. For podcasts actually about the COVID-19 please listen to one that is a credible source. If they’re […]

Remedy For The Air

We’re all sick (sometimes literally) or what might be in the air with COVID-19, so let’s look at something far more pleasant that could be in the air. As part of the Triple J’s Like A Version series, bureau favourite Stella Donnelly popped into a hopefully well sanitised studio to do a version of the […]

Significant Symbolism

According to the Japanese Prime Minister, the Tokyo Olympics are still planned to go ahead despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Part of that planning process is the design of the event pictograms. The designs are what you would expect: simple, elegant and functional. They come in a variety of colours and will have free type and […]

Viral Fashion

So what should you wear while you’re being all sickly with the virus of the decade? Creepy Co have some suggestions. Perhaps a shirt that acts as a warning to what’s about to happen now that you’re infected. With all the self-isolation going on perhaps a sweater with everybody’s favourite anti-social pet. And if you’re […]

The Long Video Walk

With all this self-isolation going on, people need to work out what do do during all that time staying inside besides counting their toilet paper stash. Coming to the rescue is a 5+ hour single take video tour of Russia’s iconic museum, The Hermitage. Shot entirely on an iPhone, the extraordinary film is a meditative […]

Local and / or General

With gatherings of more than 500 being called on to be cancelled due to COVID-19, things in the business world are set to be a lot more low key, to put it mildy. The impact on the economy is set to be significant so what is there to do about that? Since travel and the […]