All Up in the Air

Uber and Hyundai have announced a partnership to build a flying car service. Looks slick! Also looks rather useless. The final product may or may not look like as pictured, but whatever its form, its a bad idea. It looks to be a dreadful waste of energy to power a flying car. Research and investment […]

Nowhere German

The Taika Waititi directed movie, Jo Jo Rabbit, was released recently with its somewhat controversial subject matter. The film mostly succeeds in balancing the comedy and horror of the subject matter and its twisting of reality. One particular reality twist is the song, ‘Komm, gib mir deine Hand,’ better known as, ‘I Want to Hold […]

Bend The Sky

Photographer, Aydın Büyüktaş, looks like he watched Inception very closely indeed with his computer modified images. Inspired by Edwin A Abbot’s Flatland, the dizzying result would do Dr Strange proud. See more on his social media pages.

Future Rider

Harley Davidson may be associated with counter culture, but it’s increasingly a counter culture of the past. Well Harley Davidson is keen to get in the 21st century zeitgeist. First there’s the balance bike for kids. Then once they’re older there’s the electric bike concept. Whether these two concepts make it to the general public […]

Bigger Than Super

The Witcher has proved quite the success across many a platform. There’s novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. A series of role playing games. Comics . . . And now of course there’s the tv series starring Henry Cavill. Cavill had the almost impossible challenge of following up on his portrayal of Superman. But with such a […]

Burned Out

A key defence on non-action on climate change has been the effect it would have on business. Yet it’s this inaction that has led to the severe fires we are seeing in Australia. A number of these areas are tourism dependent and tourists are doing their best to avoid the fire areas. They are either […]

Travel Light

Any way to alleviate the burden of jet lag is welcome at this bureau. German company Jetlite offers assistance in the form of lighting design for aircraft. Jetlite promises to revitalise and improve performance of the traveller. With this kind of assistance we can rest easy for the next time we have to travel.