Reopening The Ditch

News is starting to filter through that Australia and New Zealand are to open a travel zone between the two countries. As the two neighbours take the first tentative steps it shows that the nations are looking to turn the corner from the pandemic and take flight back to normality. Complacency will be the furtherest […]

Road Charges

Israel is trialling roads set up to charge electric vehicles while cars drive along them . Electric vehicles take their toll on the charging infrastructure required to keep the vehicles on the road and inventive solutions for it are required. Sweden has also been trialling a method. It has unfortunately been side tracked by the […]

Foreign Reader

Australian Foreign Affairs magazine is an excellent example of long form journalism for considered analysis on world affairs. Available in print and electronic editions it can be purchased as a subscription or one off purchase. Recent articles have been from from the likes of Senator Penny Wong and Anne-Marie Brady on the latest international developments […]

Super Video

While the pandemic has decimated the music industry, it hasn’t stopped music artists being creative. Take Lupa J – Their recent track, ‘Supermarket Riots,’ is a solid track, but the real creativity has been the accompanying music video. The video appeals because of its great moody look and various cinemas references. The viewer can spot […]