Schedule Different

Apple announced a new line of phones, watches and other associated products with its usual fanfare. For those that want to hang on to their phones a little longer, of more interest is the updates to operating systems and the promise of new features. Mac Stories have a handy break down of what is coming […]

Die Different

The death of iTunes marked something that is still good about the internet. The willingness to kill off part of itself. From a revolutionary step to a bloated legacy product, its time had come. Let’s hope this happens with other distasteful features of the internet. Bring on self curation.

Silence Never Sounded So Good

When the Apple AirPods were launched, they were greeted with much acclaim. This bureau’s reaction was to get back to us when there is noise cancellation. Well if Digitimes is to be believed, it’s coming soon. If that turns out to be the case then the little devices could surge in popularity as long as […]

Being Shelf Aware

Continuing on from yesterday’s news gathering post, Apple announced a news magazine subscription service. The animated formatting looks great, but if you are happy just to read the content in a pdf format (which half of Apple’s service is doing anyway) then you could do worse than using the RB Digital Gateway service. The trick […]