An Apple Argument A Day

Tim Cook recently released a video on privacy.

It’s a very formal looking Cook. It’s been a while a head of a tech film fronted to the public in a suit (outside of a Senate Committee Hearing). His serious looks carries a serious message.

He fires a shot across the bough of the, ‘data industrial complex,’ with his targets very clear.

There’s been criticism that his company can afford to present this kind of argument, but his targets are well placed to do similar actions directed towards Apple.

He presents a compelling case. Whether his argument prompts change in protecting user data remains to be seen, but Cook and Apple do seem to be part of an anti-data driven organisations wave.

New Look for an Old Face

Apple had its first in what is expected to be two major product announcements this week. There’s thankfully something at many a price point.

Apple this week announced new iPads and watches boasting new looks and internals.

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The new gear looks to be an as ever solid upgrade from the previous model, but many may pause at the amount of stress it’s going to put on bank accounts.

Apple nevertheless has just the thing for the budget conscious.

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A new watchband (along with the upgraded operating system) is a great way to freshen up a look and go some way an alleviating that urge to upgrade.

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See more at Apple.

Core War

The court battle between Apple and Epic Games comes down to one crucial decision.

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It comes down to what the court considers to be the market before the court. If it’s something close to, the iOS app market, then Apple could be in trouble.

If if it’s something closer to, the phone market, then Epic Games might be the ones trying to work out how to back out slowly.

It’s high stakes for both parties – particularly Epic – so it will be fascinating to see who comes out winning this game.

Online Apples

One of tech giant Apple’s key features beyond it’s actual products is its stores.


With most of them now closed, they’re no longer able to serve customers. Sales can move online, but the in store interaction was going to be a touch more tricky.

They’ve now released a series of videos to replace their Today At Apple series.


Now with the nifty name of Today At Apple* *At Home, the video series gives you the tip and tricks to get the best out of your Apple devices without worry about catching any nasty viruses.

Schedule Different

Apple announced a new line of phones, watches and other associated products with its usual fanfare.

For those that want to hang on to their phones a little longer, of more interest is the updates to operating systems and the promise of new features.


Mac Stories have a handy break down of what is coming when.

As has been pointed out, there is some curious scheduling going on.


Why schedule an operating system release date and then another one just eleven days later?

The apple watch operating system also has a scattered release schedule which looks a touch unusual.