Cosy On In

While bureau favourite Monocle magazine’s read on the pandemic could not be more wrong (a recent Sunday column by its editor was again tone deaf), the book publishing wing of the magazine continues to produce a good read. A recent example is its Guide to Cosy Homes.

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While the magazine is misguided in endorsing getting out and about, it has nevertheless still provided excellent advice on how to make the best of staying in.

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Get it from Monocle or where ever books are sold. Getting it delivered is certainly the best option at the moment. Getting the book itself will be the first step in making the home feel just that little bit more cosier.

Walk The Walk

The Nakasendō highway is a 1,000+ km journey from Kamakura, just south of Tokyo to all the way to Kyoto.

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That’s quite the journey, so The Special Projects Shop have produced a beautiful hand bound book to tell you all about the journey.

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While not a travel guide per se, The Special Projects Shops describe it as a travelogue, photo book, and bizarro ethnographic field study of old café — kissaten — culture.

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This is the sort of book that will appeal to readers regardless if they’re planing to go to Japan or not.

Back for the Second Round

Just over a year ago on this blog Andrew Mueller’s book was featured on a history of Australian Football, ‘Carn.’

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Apart from its near anniversary of its release it’s worth another mention because of its telling of a story of an elephant. In 1978, someone had the bright idea to bring one along to a game and it went as badly as one might expect.

Read about the elephant and other football stories here.

Reading A Face

Junk media juggernaut Facebook has a many storied past that could clog your timeline for weeks on end.

Finding out the behind the scenes story is Steven Levy with his book Facebook: The Inside Story.

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Facebook is such a significant organisation that users deserve to know what goes on in the organisation. This book will go a long way in helping to know what has happened in the giant’s history.