Focus On India

India is regarded as the best country for the fullest travel experience – both the good and not so good experiences that one can have while traveling as a tourist. A photographer who has captured this range of experiences is photographer Scott Schuman with his new book: The Sartorialist: India. Available in October, it is […]

Brain Food Trucks

Food trucks around the world have been a great success. Books are brain food. So combining the two should be a success. Mobile Libraries had been a staple for several decades, but time caught up with the vans and they are not seen in the streets quite as often as they used to. Paper books […]

New Kick Off

Author, Andrew Mueller started his career as a rock music journalist. Not satisfied with the accolades that usually don’t come their way for such a vocation, he moved to travel and foreign correspondence. That helped him get a gig at hosting the Monocle 24 podcast, The Foreign Desk and that did win him an award. […]