Reading A Face

Junk media juggernaut Facebook has a many storied past that could clog your timeline for weeks on end.

Finding out the behind the scenes story is Steven Levy with his book Facebook: The Inside Story.

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Facebook is such a significant organisation that users deserve to know what goes on in the organisation. This book will go a long way in helping to know what has happened in the giant’s history.

A Book Is Round The Corner

Hip-hop star, Tricky has been making music since joining up with the Wild Bunch (evolving into Massive Attack) in the late 80s early 90s.

He blossomed into a solo career with the genre defining (much to his chagrin) and wonderful Maxinquaye.

To read the story of his multi-decade career pick up the book, Hell Is Round The Corner.

As per usual for Tricky, it goes beyond the normal methods of an autobiography. It includes other contributions from people who were involved with Tricky at the time.

While Tricky’s most famed collaborator, vocalist Martina Topley-Bird does not contribute to the book, it is still an enthralling read from a fascinating artist.

Stop To Read This

Soviet-era metro stations have long been known for their great design. For those that are not able to get to Moscow to appreciate the designs there’s a book for that straight forwardly called Soviet Metro Stations.

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What’s not quite as well known is that Soviet era bus stops are just as interesting.


These are even harder to find so there’s a book for that as well.


In fact there’s two of them.

Focus On India

India is regarded as the best country for the fullest travel experience – both the good and not so good experiences that one can have while traveling as a tourist.

A photographer who has captured this range of experiences is photographer Scott Schuman with his new book: The Sartorialist: India.


Available in October, it is full of Schuman’s signature street portraiture style.


This book will be a photogenic addition to your library.

Brain Food Trucks

Food trucks around the world have been a great success. Books are brain food. So combining the two should be a success.

Mobile Libraries had been a staple for several decades, but time caught up with the vans and they are not seen in the streets quite as often as they used to.


Paper books have fended off the invention of the ebook to still be a thriving sector and so the mobile library is making a shifting into a higher gear.


The New York Public Library revived it’s mobile libraries after putting the breaks on the service in 1983. Attracting entusiastic street bound book worms, the city and its mobile libraries look set for new chapter.