Sweet On Uniques

Madame Frou Frou is a small cafe that has a few unique characteristics.

The first one you notice are the seats: Repurposed cinema seats taken from a local favourite cinema after its sad closure.

Another is their chai lattes with honey.

With a menu full of all day breakfasts and other simple delights you’re bound to find your personal unique delight as well.

Blessed Cafe

The Little Lord cafe is tucked away on a back street and is a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

With friendly staff happy to catch up with locals and an inventive menu, the cafe is a highlight in the area with it’s original exterior maintained.

You know that the coffee is good, because a venue like this would not survive at the location if it didn’t.

The real joy is the homemade desserts – if you’re in luck you might score a slice of the caramel cake with popcorn on top.

Design Bugs

Insects may or may not be the future of the world’s diet, but what they’ve done already is inspire the design of eating venues.

Photo: Courtesy of Design You Trust via Fubiz

Located near Gujeol-ri station in South Korea, this design makes inventive use of what looks like a couple of converted train carriages.

Inscents have a nutty flavour which is fitting because this design is nuts.