Renewed Theatre

It’s always a sad day when a cinema closes down, but news of repurposing is of some consolation.

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Pleasure Playhouse has curated a season of events at the old Harbour City Cinema in Sydney’s Chinatown. One of the favourites is the Charli XCX night.

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It would be better to have the cinema going strong, but at least the cinema is still being used for public events. Perhaps one day, the cinema can make a return.

Take Me Out to the Cinema Game

Warner Bros’ decision to release major films simultaneously on HBO Max and in theatres is a huge shift in the industry.

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Whether this is a permanent move or not remains to be seen, but it’s certain to send a shiver down the spines of cinema owners. The latter group have been pumping millions to movie studios for decades.

This blog feels that cinemas will survive. Not only are there the people who love the cinema going experience (which includes film makers), but there’s also the young and first daters who need somewhere to go when they socialise at night.