Get to Nomi

Infamous 90s movie, Showgirls, is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance with fan screenings, stage shows and even musicals. This reassessment of the film is chronicled in the documentary, You Don’t Nomi. While not ignoring the criticisms and weaknesses of the film, it is ultimately a sympathetic reading of this notorious film. The question the viewer […]

Good Reception

The Antenna Film Festival is once again coming up soon with it’s usual excellent curation of documentary films. A festival highlight is the Werner Herzog directed, Nomad while our self obsessions are explored in Selfie. Many of the films include Q&As and there’s even a chance to dance to with the band Strange Tenants putting […]

Cinematic Goals

Football and cinema come together once more in the documentary entitled, Diego Maradona. No prizes for guessing who it’s about. Directed by Asif Kapadia, who did the well received documentaries on Amy Winehouse and Ayrton Senna, you can expected an even handed approach to the football superstar.