Platform on Wheels

Electric scooters are being increasingly popular with the main focus being to get a single person from point A to B. Polestar have more in mind with their Re:Move concept.

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This three-wheeled, cleaner and quieter option would be ideal for some last mile deliveries, just as long as the weather is agreeable. Very large indoor industrial areas could also make use of this option as well.

Future Rider

Harley Davidson may be associated with counter culture, but it’s increasingly a counter culture of the past. Well Harley Davidson is keen to get in the 21st century zeitgeist.

First there’s the balance bike for kids.

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Then once they’re older there’s the electric bike concept.

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Whether these two concepts make it to the general public remains to be seen, but the intention is clear: Harley Davidson does not want to rest on its laurels.

I’d happily have one.