The New Trend

With industry leaders declaring death of the fashion industry the current world lockdown certainly has it on its knees.

The question is, will it get back up from its knees?

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It may well get up again, but it will be walking in a different way. The move from fashion weeks to social media is getting faster. They were working hand in hand, but now social media seems to be the primary tool for fashion labels.

This will effect buying habits and in turn what the labels do. It will be the latest fashion.

Advice From Those That Don’t Need The Advice

Fashion advice YouTubers like Teachingmenfashion genuinely do have some good advice to give to those keen on improving their look if you can look past all the paid endorsements.

Yet when they look like they actually don’t need the advice one wonders if it’s from them following said tips, or if they’ve just been blessed with good genes.

The truth would be somewhere in the middle of course, but all that effort behind the scenes to give that no effort look can leave the viewer either dispirited or suspicious of their real motives.

Windsor Not Required

The casualisation of the workplace is a welcome development. The effect of clothing formality, instead of a sharp professional look, was instead a reluctant and resentful workforce wearing what they did not want.

With the increased freedom to choose, workers are then confronted with the decision of what to wear. Japanese trading house company, Itochu got on the case and partnered with a department store to aid employees to revamp their dress code. That example of best practice also prevents workers going too casual and looking like they are dressing for home renovations.

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While some regret this casualwear trend, ditching this suit results in a more relaxed workplace and an opportunity of individuality and self-expression.

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