A Better Melrose Place

Melrose and Morgan is a tasty little eatery tucked away on Gloucester Avenue in Primrose Hill. Perfect to walk to on a sunny day, it can refuel you with coffee or a light meal. Also available a novel additions for our pantry including conserves and exotic breads. And if you’ve walked up to Primrose on […]

Fusion Diet

The mix of cultures can often produce interesting results and restaurant chain Pappa Rich has got a tasty result. Called the Nasi Lemak burger, it’s a mix of the Malaysian national dish favourite along with the western food icon. Get it at your nearest Pappa Rich.

Super Supper

While we’re slowing learning that calorie counting does not help in losing weight, Burger Burger is not helping with an all almighty dish that would probably feed a not-so-small family. Called the Giant Birthday Burger, it’s part of the fifth anniverssary that the Auckland-based fast food chain is celebrating. That’s somewhat ironic as a steady […]