Fashionable Football

While it’s true that if you put an attractive person with a stylish haircut into any sort of clothing, that look will soon become fashionable. This has helped Italian football club Venezia with their jersey becoming a must-have item.

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There is the chicken or egg situation. Are the fashionistas wearing the jersey because it’s cool, or is the jersey cool because the fashionistas are wearing it?

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It certainly does have some nice flourishes with its mix of colours and patterns. The lack of a sponsor’s logo emblazoned on the front is also a unique touch in the commercially sensitive world or jersey design.

Whatever the reason this bureau wishes the club – which just got promoted to Série A – well with its matches and fashion choices.

Super Relocation

With the European Super League scurrying back to the dark corner under the fridge from where it came from, one of its participants may rethink its plans in other ventures.

Manchester United is in the market for Australian football team, Central Coast Mariners.

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The fans might be able to stomach that, but the worry is the proposal to relocated the team to northern Sydney.

Not only will the fans hate that, it will drop the team into a region that is aggressively nonplus about football or indeed pretty much any sport.

The move would be doomed to failure.

The T-Harris Blues

While the initial comments to a photo of footballer Taylor Harris showed the internet at its worst, the response by those who can spot an elite athlete when they see one, showed the internet at its best.

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Let’s hope her next round of questions will concentrate on if she can kicks some goals and produce a performance to win the championship this year.