I’m A Gig Loser

As was mentioned previously the gig economy makes for a very fragile and volatile segment of the economy. The music industry is part of that gig economy and has decided to document the damage done to it. Created by the Australian Festivals Association and the Australian Music Industry Network, I Lost My Gig was created […]

The No Gig Economy

The current virus effected economic climate shows how brittle the gig economy is. People whose main source of income is via Air BnB are left with no income as holiday makers stay at home. Same goes for ride sharing services. Food deliveries seem to be working, but that’s only because there’s still the demand. But […]

The Gig’s Up

While the gig economy is expanding into professional services, authorities continue to push back. Authorities in the Western Australian town of Broome have warned property owners to stop share accommodation services. Not waiting for a state government intervention, local tourist operators welcome the change. The restriction will also ease rental stress for those that live […]