The Popular Policy

As the UK goes into lockdown to curb a more contagious strain on the virus it gives observers cause to look how other countries have dealt with the virus.

Let’s look at Australia.

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Some see it as harsh. Others, exceptional.

What can’t be disputed is its effectiveness.

The enforcement of its policy has occasionally come up short. Those holes in the policy have been closed eventually but they also demonstrate that when there is any relaxation of the policy (intentional or otherwise), then the cases numbers start springing up. The exceptions have proved the rule.

Restarting Engines

The Queensland government’s buy out proposal for Virgin Airlines in Australia is an early example how government thinking could change in wake of the coronavirus.

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For the moment we have to wait and see if it will happen and some parties are vehemently against it.

Yet the proposal itself is remarkable. Life after the coronavirus will not be just a fulfilled wishlist, but there does seem to be an air of change in the direction of severely disrupted government policy.