Caught The Same Way

With cases of the common cold way down due the lockdown this bureau wonders about the implications if someone catches the common cold during this time.

If the way that someone catches the common cold and covid-19 are roughly similar, then when someone catches a common cold it seems to suggest that their behaviour is vulnerable to getting the far more serious covid-19 virus.

Cities and states that have a relatively low rate of covid infection don’t have to be as careful, but when catching the common cold during a lockdown one has to pause to assess if their social habits are safe enough.

Why Fry?

We have so much wifi around us that some may raise a concern that it might not actually be good for our health. In a nice case of confirming a bias, it can be happily reported that is not what we should be worrying about.

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Writing for Education Next, Professor Emeritus of Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania, Kenneth R. Foster, wrote that, restricting children’s use of the internet can be useful, however, “not because of unproven radiation hazards but to avoid the harms that these otherwise highly useful technologies can pose.”