Eyes On Masks

While iPhone’s Face ID was a great addition for those that felt typing in a pass code was far too arduous, the wearing of masks made the feature un-usable and there wasn’t a Touch ID option available on the Face ID phones.

Well a solution is coming that will allow the Apple Watch to carry out the authentication process when the user is wearing a mask.

Image via macrumors.com

It’s a bit late, but that’s better than typing pass codes forever.

Magnetic Power

Apple has added user favourite feature Magsafe to its iPhones and the accessory manufacturers who are keen to get connected to it have been coming thick and fast. A particularly promising one is the external battery pack from Chargefast.

Image via chargefast.co

Providing a more elegant solution to just a brick connected with a cable or a case that the user will not want most of the time,

To make this even better, what this bureau would like to see is a solar panel option.

Magsafe is a welcome addition to the iPhone (and Apple may bring it back to their laptops) and accessories like this one bode for a good future.

The Long Video Walk

With all this self-isolation going on, people need to work out what do do during all that time staying inside besides counting their toilet paper stash.

Coming to the rescue is a 5+ hour single take video tour of Russia’s iconic museum, The Hermitage.

Shot entirely on an iPhone, the extraordinary film is a meditative journey through one of the world’s great buildings.

Lining up is part of the Hermitage experience..

The amazingly ornate building, is just as an astounding feature as well as the art itself.

You can always make use of the increase playback speed if your impatient. See the entire glorious thing here:

Light Phone

This bureau is a big fan of using camera phones for professional projects. While limitations still exist it is still more than possible for professionals to produce professional results.

Image: Still from Experiments IV video

Apple certainly likes to remind everybody that this is possible by producing videos of professional quality. It’s latest wave of this comes twofold.

First, there’s the latest instalment of the Experiments video series.

There’s also a behind the series video showing how all these great visuals were produced.

The other way Apple is showing off its cameras is the latest Lady Gaga music video for Stupid Love. Also shot on an iPhone.