Mega Kpop

Music mixer, DJ Masa has returned with their latest megamix this time zeroing in on second generation K-Pop groups.

Featuring acts like After School, Miss A, Nine Muses, f(x), Wonder Girls, RANIA and Brown Eyed Girls, the mix also includes an appearance from more recent group, LOONA.

Virtual Problems

The K-pop focused, Universe app allows users to virtually interact with their fave idols. Sounds good except this is only a virtual interaction – even using AI to make up conversations – and has led to some troubling situations in these parasocial relationships.

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The sense of entitlement that over-dedicated fans is troubling at the best of times, but an app that allows for interactions dictated by the fans takes things to a whole other level.

Hip Expectations

Kpop idol, Yezi broke out as a hip hop star following her tenure in the underperforming group Fiestar.

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She spread her hip hop wings when she impressed viewers on the TV competition, Unpretty Rapstar where she raised eyebrows with her self-penned, Crazy Dog.

Following a few hip hop releases it was assumed that she was to pursue a hip hop career, but she subverted expectatons yet again with the release of a ballad.

It’s an ambitious release and it remains to be seen how much of a commercial success this will be. Yet it is admirable how ambitious she is and her willingness to go far beyond people’s expectations.